Where did the phrase “dog days of summer” come from?

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1.Where did the phrase “dog days of summer” come from?

“Dog days” is a saying that originated with the ancient Egyptians. It was believed the appearance of the dog star Sirius was directly related to exceptionally hot weather. In reality, this was a…

2.Where did the phrase “dog days of summer” come from?

The phrase “dog days” was translated from Latin to English about 500 years ago. Since then, it has taken on new meanings. “Now people come up with other explanations for why they’re called the ‘dog…

3.Where did the phrase “dog days of summer” come from?

Both the Greeks and the Romans noticed back in ancient times that Sirius, the dog star in the Orion constellation, would begin to rise with the sun not long after the summer solstice. The summer heat is associated with Sirius rising, which also coincides with when the Northern Hemisphere tilts more towards the sun, hence, the extreme heat.

4.Where did the phrase “dog days of summer” come from?

The English phrase dog days, which entered the language in the 1500s, is a direct translation from the Latin term caniculares dies, which refers to this specific seasonal phenomenon and is modeled after the same term in Hellenistic Greek.

5.Where did the phrase “dog days of summer” come from?

We’ve all likely used the phrase “the dog days of summer” to often describe hot summer days. But where does the phrase come from and what does it mean? Author: Published: 6:03 AM CDT …

6.Where did the phrase “dog days of summer” come from?

WORLDWIDE — The “dog days” of summer are certainly here, and while you might picture canines baking in the oppressive heat, the saying’s origin is anything but. The phrase actually dates back to…

7.Where did the phrase “dog days of summer” come from?

The Romans thus referred to the sweltering period when the rising of the sun and Sirius converged as the “dies caniculares” or “days of the dog star.” By the 1500s, the English world began to call…

8.Where did the phrase “dog days of summer” come from?

In 1997, ecologists Daniel Janzen and Winnie Hallwachs approached an orange juice company in Costa Rica with an off-the-wall idea. In exchange for donating a portion of unspoiled, forested land to the Área de Conservación Guanacaste — a nature preserve in the country’s northwest — the park would allow the company to dump its discarded orange peels and pulp, free of charge, in a heavily …

9.Where did the phrase “dog days of summer” come from?

Thus, the term Dog Days of Summer came to mean the 20 days before and 20 days after this alignment of Sirius with the Sun—July 3 to August 11 each year. Summer Heat: It’s All About the Tilt While this period usually is the hottest stretch of summer, the heat is not due to any added radiation from Sirius, regardless of its brightness.

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1.Where does the phrase the ‘Dog Days of Summer’ come from?

It has nothing to do with actual dogs in the heat trying to stay cool as what some of us might be imagining. Instead, the answer might be in the stars.

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