Which breakfast cereal did “Mikey” like?

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1.Which breakfast cereal did “Mikey” like?

In the 1970s, it was one of the most frequently-aired advertisements on TV: the Life cereal “Mikey Likes It” TV commercial. The spot starred a very cute youngster with a round face and freckles named Mikey, who is a picky eater.

2.Which breakfast cereal did “Mikey” like?

This cereal was first described on the box as a “naturally sweetened toasted oat cereal with marshmallows – Wow! the milk turns blue!” The initial marshmallows were shaped like stars, moons and Mickey Mouse’s head. The main cereal pieces were blue speckled stars with holes in the middle.

3.Which breakfast cereal did “Mikey” like?

Little Mikey From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Little Mikey was a fictional boy played by John Gilchrist (born February 2, 1968) in an American television commercial promoting Quaker Oats ‘ breakfast cereal Life. The ad was created by art director Bob Gage, who also directed the commercial.

4.Which breakfast cereal did “Mikey” like?

Overall Average Rating = 4 (out of 5) View all 36 comments for this cereal. By Karl Their agenda driven (now Mikey is a girl) ad is just sickening. Every time they play it all I can see is the real Mikey with his little hands over his eyes, crying.

5.Which breakfast cereal did “Mikey” like?

Q: What ever happened to Little Mikey from the 1972 Life cereal ad? —David Hooper, Mount Vernon, Tex. A: John Gilchrist, 44, ­appeared in over 250 commercials; now he’s on the other side of …

6.Which breakfast cereal did “Mikey” like?

John Gilchrist, better known as Mikey, takes a bite of Life Cereal duirng the original Mikey commercial which aired nationally from 1972 through 1984.

7.Which breakfast cereal did “Mikey” like?

Well Mikey grew up years ago and Quaker Oats Company finally is looking for a new child to take Mikey’s chair at the breakfast table. >> Read more trending news

8.Which breakfast cereal did “Mikey” like?

Before them sits a bowl of Life breakfast cereal. Two of the brothers wouldn’t like to taste it, so they get their brother Mikey to do so. The little boy quickly gazes at the bowl. After moments of contemplation, he starts to enthusiastically eat the cereal before him, resulting in his brothers eagerly yelling, “He likes it!

9.Which breakfast cereal did “Mikey” like?

Gilchrist — then an athletic 11-year-old living in Westchester, New York — had unwittingly become the subject of a wild rumor: the actor who played Mikey in the 1972 Life cereal ad mixed too much…

10.Which breakfast cereal did “Mikey” like?

Besides, they said, cereals provide a delicious and filling breakfast which kids love. Choate was a little hard on cereals. Dieticians have never considered cereals as complete meals, and they usually reserve the term “empty calories” for foods like sugar and alcohol, which provide absolutely no nutritional value other than calories.

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