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1Which country has the longest coastline?
The methodology used to estimate length is based on the following: 1) A country’s coastline is made up of individual lines, and an individual line has two or more vertices and/or nodes. 2) The length between two vertices is calculated on the surface of a sphere. 3) …

2Which country has the longest coastline?
Indonesia has the second longest coastline in the world at 99,083 km/61,567 miles. The country’s coastline is famous for its picturesque beaches and great diversity of flora and fauna. Norway has the third longest coastline in the world and the longest one in Europe. It is 58,133 km/ 36,122 miles long and highly indented.

3Which country has the longest coastline?
This large country has one of the longest coastlines in the world because of the sheer size of the landmass. Australia has a coastline of just over 16000 miles and has more than 10000 beaches. There are a wide variety of natural formations on the coastline like mangroves, coves, caves, coral reefs, and cliffs.

4Which country has the longest coastline?
Geographical lists often rank countries by different measurements of size, such as area, and sometimes those rankings can be pretty easy to guess. But the countries have the longest coastlines can be more difficult to determine; every little every inlet and fjord makes the coastline measurement longer, and surveyers have to decide how deeply to measure each of these curves and indentations.

5Which country has the longest coastline?
The following ten countries have the longest coastline in kilometers. As you can imagine most countries in the list are either very large or island. 10. China – 14,500 km Formally referred to as the People’s Republic of China, its coastline measures 14,500 kilometres, and has more than five thousand islands. It is located to the West of the Pacific Ocean in East Asia. China is the most …

6Which country has the longest coastline?
According to different authentic sources it is clearly proved that Canada has the longest coastline in all over the world which is covering the total area of 202,080 km. Canada is a North American Country consisting on 10 provinces and 3 territories.

7Which country has the longest coastline?
Canada is a large country that has a long coastline. It actually has the longest coastline compared to any other country in the world. Canada has many islands and is surrounded by water on most sides including the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean and a few smaller bodies of water. Having a long coastline seems to be beneficial …

8Which country has the longest coastline?
Then you won’t be disappointed in the destinations that appear in darker colours on the map below – they boast the longest coastlines in the world. Canada has the most coast of all – a …

9Which country has the longest coastline?
China has the world’s 10th longest coastline and Asia’s fifth longest coastline. The length of the Chinese coastline is about 14,500 km. The country has coastlines along the South and East China Sea, Yellow Sea, and the Korea Bay. The nature of the coastline changes drastically in different parts of the country.

10Which country has the longest coastline?
The following list of the states with the 10 longest coastlines in the United States is arranged by length. Numbers can vary across sources, as the length of a coastline depends on how detailed the measurements are around each inlet and bay and whether all the islands are counted (such as in Alaska and Florida’s figures).

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1Turkey continues spreading fake news it has longest coastline in the East Mediterranean when Greece does
One of the main arguments of Turkey in order to justify its aggression, provocations and piracy in the Eastern Mediterranean is its claim that it has the
Published Date: 2020-09-24T10:54:00.0000000Z

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1List of rivers by length
there exists disagreement as to whether the Nile or the Amazon is the world’s longest river. The Nile has traditionally been considered longer, but… of rivers by length

2Coastline of Andhra Pradesh
with waters of Bay of Bengal. It has the third longest coastline with a length of 975 km (606 mi), next to Gujarat. The coastal corridor consists of several… of Andhra Pradesh

3Coastline of Australia
the sixth longest coastline in the world, at 25,780 kilometres (16,020 mi). Due to the historical context of European discovery and exploration, the coastline… of Australia