Which film franchise has the most sequels?

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1.Which film franchise has the most sequels?

Step 2 : Answer to the question “Which film franchise has the most sequels?” “Godzilla” – The green monster that overtook Tokyo for the first time in 1954 then overtook the world as the film franchise with the most sequels. The “Godzilla” franchise includes 32 films produced by Japanese film production and distribution company, Toho Co …

2.Which film franchise has the most sequels?

Recently, the trend in film-making has shifted back to creating sequels and reboots of big movie franchises. And, they are obviously doing this because they want to make a whole lot of money. Although not all sequels have generated considerable profits, they are at least, expected to secure a spot at the box office.

3.Which film franchise has the most sequels?

It’s certainly not unusual for an American martial arts movie to spawn a baffling number of sequels– Best of the Best had three sequels, American Ninja had four, and Kickboxer hit five installments plus two more via a reboot.

4.Which film franchise has the most sequels?

Sequels are as much a part of horror movies as fake blood. As a genre, horror has proven to be close to trend proof, so if filmmakers come up with a premise, protagonist or villain that connects …

5.Which film franchise has the most sequels?


6.Which film franchise has the most sequels?

Which film franchise has the most sequels? To which scientific classification family does lettuce belong? What does a phenotype determine? What type of molecule carries genetic information? What is the least common blood type?

7.Which film franchise has the most sequels?

Description. Sometimes the work is conceived from the beginning as a multiple-film work – for example, the Three Colours series – but in most cases the success of the original film inspires further films to be made. Individual sequels are relatively common, but are not always successful enough to spawn further installments.. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the highest grossing film series …

8.Which film franchise has the most sequels?

Although Harry Potter only has seven parts, the last book was divided up into 2 movies, which makes this an 8 part sequel.

9.Which film franchise has the most sequels?

The eight-film ‘Harry Potter’ saga is one of the more self-contained series out there. Of course the studio would love it if J.K. Rowling penned another seven books, but as it stands, the series remains one of the most consistent — and successful — in screen history. ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ (9 films; 1984 – 2010)

10.Which film franchise has the most sequels?

Carry On Sergent had 30 sequels in the entire film series, including a combo film drawing from previous films. This is a bit of a “cheat” though, since they were not really direct literal sequels. James Bond’s film series likewise had 21 official sequels after the first film (not counting unofficial films unrelated to the main series).

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