which italian island is famous for its albino donkeys?

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1which italian island is famous for its albino donkeys?
Sardinia is a land full of suprises, cultures changes from village to village. Here are some of this things that Sardinia is famous for.

2which italian island is famous for its albino donkeys?
The Italian island of Sardinia sits within the Tyrrhenian Sea between the Balearic Islands, … famous for its albino donkey population. You can also head off hiking in the Monte Limbara mountain range, take to the open seas during a sailing trip along the sparkling Costa Smeralda and cap off fun-filled days with succulent, …

3which italian island is famous for its albino donkeys?
The island now has a threadbare population and its most famous inhabitants are its little albino donkeys. Asinara National Park director Pietro Paolo Congiatu says the biggest attraction is “the great biodiversity in the land and sea”.

4which italian island is famous for its albino donkeys?
This large island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, between the Balearic islands and the Italian peninsula, is famous for its striking Mediterranean beauty, hosting some of the most beautiful beaches that sit at the edges of clear cerulean waters. And, you’ll find a lot more to do than just soak up the sun and the sand, including these 19 fabulous things to do.

5which italian island is famous for its albino donkeys?
The albino donkey is a protected species native to the islands of Sardinia and Asinara. Known as the Asinara donkey, the animals are indigenous to Asinara, a small island off the northwest coast of Sardinia. There are approximately 90 donkeys on Asinara and another 30 at the Porto Conte Regional Nature Park in Alghero, Sardinia.

6which italian island is famous for its albino donkeys?
4. The Asinara Island. Also known as the “Sardinian Alcatraz” due to its former high-security prison, the Asinara island is another small island off the Northern coast of Sardinia. This is where the albino donkeys live and these cute animals can be found only in this part of the island.

7which italian island is famous for its albino donkeys?
Look at the unusual albino donkeys, which you can find only in Sardinia in a huge and beautiful national park. Asinara National Park has about 90 specimens of unusual species of donkeys albino. They have pink skin, snow-white fur and pink and blue iris, which is why they seem to be aliens from another planet.

8which italian island is famous for its albino donkeys?
One of its best-known tourist attractions is the Blue Grotto, a sea cave known for its electric blue water, due to reflected sunlight. Asinara This unique island, located off the north coast of Sardinia, is a national park and a marine reserve covered by thick Mediterranean scrub and inhabited by albino donkeys.


In Sardinia is an island that has a decidedly Blue Lagoon-esque vibe with stretches of untouched beaches and crystal clear water.Asinara is the second largest island in Sardinia and used to be known as “Devil’s Island,” because the picturesque island was used as a place for quarantine, a camp during World War One, and as a high security prison in the 1970s and 1980s.

10which italian island is famous for its albino donkeys?
The island derives its name from Icarus, the son of Daedalus in Greek mythology, said to have fallen into the sea nearby. Pictured is the Church of Agios Alexandros, near Kouniadi.

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Sardegna) is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, after Sicily, and one of the 20 regions of Italy. It is located west of the Italian Peninsula…

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