Which state has the motto “Equal Rights”?

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1.Which state has the motto “Equal Rights”?

Wyoming has long celebrated that it was the first state in the nation to grant women the right to vote with no restrictions in 1869. It’s even in the state motto: “equal rights.” Months after the…

2.Which state has the motto “Equal Rights”?

WHICH STATE HAS THE MOTTO “”EQUAL RIGHTS””?. This video will give you a ‘Straight To the point’ information / answer / solution of : Which state has the mott…

3.Which state has the motto “Equal Rights”?

Official State Motto of Wyoming. The official state motto of Wyoming is “Equal Rights;” Wyoming’s state nickname echos this theme: “The Equality State.” All State Mottos The state motto appears on Wyoming’s state seal and state flag.Wyoming was the first state to grant women the right to vote in 1869 (more precisely, women were granted the right to vote so there would be enough voting citizens …

4.Which state has the motto “Equal Rights”?

The motto “Equal Rights,” as it exists on the great seal of the state of Wyoming, is the official motto of Wyoming. This statute Wyoming Statutes, Title 8, Chapter 3, Section 8-3-101. describes the Wyoming seal. The motto is specified within this descriptionas well. Title 8 – General Provisions

5.Which state has the motto “Equal Rights”?

Due to its civil-rights history, one of Wyoming’s state nicknames is “The Equality State”, and the official state motto is “Equal Rights”. Wyoming’s constitution included women’s suffrage and a pioneering article on water rights. Congress admitted Wyoming into the Union as the 44th state on July 10, 1890.

6.Which state has the motto “Equal Rights”?

State mottoes can help us gain insight into the history of a state. [What is a motto?] The Wyoming Statutes. Wyoming’s state motto is not the official state motto, as such, but is accepted as an element of its official seal. The following information is excerpted from the Wyoming Statutes, Title 8, Chapter 3, Section 8-3-101.

7.Which state has the motto “Equal Rights”?

The Wyoming motto “Equal Rights” is a proud statement of the high status Wyoming through history has attributed women. The motto refers to the year of 1869 when the Wyoming Constitution as the first ‘modern’ state granted women the right to vote and to hold public office.

8.Which state has the motto “Equal Rights”?

The two dates on the Great Seal, 1869 and 1890 commemorate the organization of the Territorial government and Wyoming’s admission to the Union. The draped figure in the center holds a staff from which flows a banner bearing the words, “Equal Rights,” and symbolizes the political status women have always enjoyed in Wyoming.

9.Which state has the motto “Equal Rights”?

In Wyoming, “Equal Rights” refers to the state’s progressive attitude toward women’s rights, having guaranteed them the right to vote, serve on juries, and hold public office beginning in 1869. The…

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