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1Which two countries had the same flag for 18 years?
From 1852 to 1921, Liechtenstein’s flag consisted of two equal-sized bands of red and blue, but they ran vertical. In 1921 these bands were changed to run horizontal, making the flag identical to Haiti’s. The fact that two nation’s had the same flag apparently escaped everyone’s attention until 1936.

2Flag of Liechtenstein

The flag of Liechtenstein (German: Flagge Liechtensteins) consists of two horizontal blue and red bands charged with a gold crown at the canton.In use since 1764 and officially enshrined into the nation’s constitution in 1921, it has been the flag of the Principality of Liechtenstein since that year. The crown was added to the flag in 1937 after the country found out at the Summer Olympics …

3Which two countries had the same flag for 18 years?
The flags for these two countries are almost identical—two horizontal stripes, red over white—but Indonesia’s is longer. Both flags date back hundreds of years. Monaco’s flag is based on the heraldic colors in the shield of the Monegasque princely arms, and the flag of Indonesia dates back to its association with the Majapahit empire.

4Which two countries had the same flag for 18 years?
TIL Liechtenstein and Haiti developed identical national flags independently of each other. No one realized until the two countries competed against each other in the 1936 Summer Olympics under the same flag.

5Union between Sweden and Norway

Background. Sweden and Norway had been united under the same crown on two previous occasions: from 1319 to 1343 and again briefly from 1449 to 1450 in opposition to Christian of Oldenburg who was elected king of the Kalmar Union by the Danes.During the following centuries, Norway remained united with Denmark in close union, nominally as one kingdom, but in reality reduced to the status of a …

6Which two countries had the same flag for 18 years?
For a long time the tiny nation of Liechtenstein between Switzerland and Austria had the exact same flag of Haiti. No one noticed until one of the Olympic games. So Liechtenstein added a crown to theirs. The former nations of Gran Colombia have ad…

7Which two countries had the same flag for 18 years?
10 Countries That May Not Survive The Next 20 Years – The future is uncertain, some countries may not survive another two decades. Join us on our speculative list of 10 countries most likely to …

8Which two countries had the same flag for 18 years?
The two countries will be hoping for some of the same sort of “feel good factor” they enjoyed at the Olympics in 2000, when they were greeted by a standing ovation in Sydney’s Olympic …

9Which two countries had the same flag for 18 years?
South Korean’s own flag, the Taegukgi, signifies perfect balance. Athletes from the two countries have also marched together under the flag at the Summer and Winter Olympics: in Sydney in 2000 …

10Which two countries had the same flag for 18 years?
More countries have opted to take the strictest measures possible to contain it. Well over 100 countries worldwide had instituted either a full or partial lockdown by the end of March 2020 …

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130 Years of Freedom – Third Time’s a Charm: The Hungarian Republic Reborn
Hungary completed its peaceful transition from a one-party communist system to a multi-party democracy. The Third Hungarian Republic was proclaimed on October 23, 1989, by interim president Mátyás Szűrös who performed the duties of Head of State until May 2,—third-times-a-charm-the-hungarian-republic-reborn_182253
Published Date: 2020-05-24T10:30:00.0000000Z

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1  All These Countries Got Almost Identical Flags
There are 197 recognized countries in the world and each of them has its national flag. And the flags of the world are just as diverse as its people. Or not? Okay, if you can identify any country’s flag without looking it up, you’re cool cause it’s really difficult! The trick is that some countries have flags so similar they will give even a …
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1Flag desecration
distinguish between desecration of the country‘s own national flag and flags of other countries. Actions that may be treated as flag desecration include burning… desecration

2Flag of Australia
Ireland, the Union Flag combined three heraldic crosses which represent the constituent countries of the United Kingdom (as constituted in 1801): The red St… of Australia

3Flag of Sweden
1987, för flaggning. This is also one of the royal flags, and rumours that the three-tailed war flag is mainly chosen since the Royal Palace is the home… of Sweden