Which U.S. state drinks the most wine per capita?

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1Which U.S. state drinks the most wine per capita?
Tourism at the state’s casinos obviously elevates per capita consumption; in fact Nevada ranks 7th for both wine and beer consumption. North Dakota appears in the top five again.

2Which U.S. state drinks the most wine per capita?
In per capita wine consumption, Idaho once again leads the way, followed by DC, New Hampshire, New Mexico, and Vermont. Researchers looked primarily at alcoholic beverage sales by state from 1977 …

3Which U.S. state drinks the most wine per capita?
According to the California-based Wine Institute, in 2012 Americans drank 2.7 gallons of wine per person, which was up from around 1.5 gallons in the 1970s. The U.S is the largest wine market in the world, consuming 13 percent of all global wine production.

4Which U.S. state drinks the most wine per capita?
This may also be why New Hampshire also seems to consume the most spirits per capita. Idaho residents drink the most wine, consuming 12,360 gallons of the stuff every year.

5Which U.S. state drinks the most wine per capita?
In 2016, the national per capita alcohol consumption reached 2.35 gallons, which was a .9 percent increase over 2015. The last time Americans drank this much beer, wine, and liquor was in 1990.

6Which U.S. state drinks the most wine per capita?
A neat piece of research published by Business Insider reveals the states that drink the most wine and top of the list is D.C., even though it isn’t a state. At 25.7 liters – about 34 bottles, or almost seven gallons – per head, Washington D.C. is way out in front of the pack and knocking it back at more than twice the national average, which the Wine Institute estimates is 2.7 gallons per …

7Which U.S. state drinks the most wine per capita?
This statistic displays the top 10 U.S. states based on alcohol consumption per capita from wine in 2018. During this year, the alcohol consumption per capita in Delaware through wine reached some …

8Which U.S. state drinks the most wine per capita?
The 10 States That Consume the Most Alcohol On average, Americans drink more alcoholic beverages than … compared to population data per state from the U.S. Census … Wine consumed per capita: 0.31.

9Which U.S. state drinks the most wine per capita?
Step 2 : Answer to the question “Which U.S. state drinks the most alcohol per capita?” New Hampshire – In New Hampshire, residents are estimated to drink almost 4.8 gallons of alcohol per capita per year. (That number, however, may be inflated by out-of-state people traveling to New Hampshire to make their alcohol purchases sans sales tax).

10Which U.S. state drinks the most wine per capita?
Wine consumption varies considerably from state to state in the United States. The District of Columbia had the highest per capita consumption of wine in 2013, at 25.7 liters.

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Published Date: 2020-05-04T00:15:00.0000000Z

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1  United States becomes world’s top wine market as French drink less – economy
Americans drinking more wine and the French drinking less meant the United States last year overtook France for the first time. The US is now the world’s top market for wine, though the French still drink more per capita with weekly consumption around six times the American average. The figures come from the ==International Wine and Vine …
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