which west african country was known as the gold coast under british rule until 1957

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1Gold Coast

The Gold Coast (red) British possessions in Africa (red & pink) 1913. Status: Crown Colony: Capital: Cape Coast (1821–1877) Accra (1877–1957) Common languages: English (official) Ga, Akan, Ewe language, Dangme, Dagbani, Gonja widely spoken: Religion . Christianity, Islam, traditional African religion: Government: Colonial:

2British West Africa

British West Africa was the collective name for British colonies in West Africa during the colonial period, either in the general geographical sense or the formal colonial administrative entity.The United Kingdom held varying parts of these territories or the whole throughout the 19th century. From west to east, the colonies became the independent countries of The Gambia, Sierra Leone, Ghana …

3British West Africa

British Togoland was administered from the Gold Coast, the British Cameroons from Nigeria. In 1946 they were redefined as United Nations trusteeships (see Trusteeship Council). British West Africa came to an end when Western-educated Africans, who were excluded from power under indirect rule, led nationalist movements for independence.

4Gold Coast

Gold Coast was a British colony on the Gulf of Guinea in west Africa that became the independent nation of Ghana in 1957. The first Europeans to arrive at the coast were the Portuguese, in 1471. Upon their arrival, they encountered a variety of African kingdoms some of whom controlled substantial deposits of gold in the soil.

5which west african country was known as the gold coast under british rule until 1957
An Introduction: Ghana, formerly known as the Gold Coast, was the first African country to the south of the Sahara to gain political independence from colonial rule in 1957. This former British colony of 92,000 square miles (about 238,000 square kilometers) shares boundaries with three French-speaking nations: the Côte d’Ivoire to the west, Burkina Faso to the north, and Togo to the east.

6Gold Coast

For a time the Gold Coast formed officially a past of the West African Settlements and was virtually a dependency of Sierra Leone. In 1874 the settlements on the Gold Coast and Lagos were created as a separate crown colony, this arrangement lasted until 1886 when Lagos was itself separated from the Gold Coast administration.

7Gold Coast

The British Gold Coast was formed in 1867 when the British government abolished the African Company of Merchants and seized privately held lands along the coast. They also took over the remaining interests of other European countries, annexing the Danish Gold Coast in 1850 and the Dutch Gold Coast, including Fort Elmina, in 1872.

8Gold Coast

Gold Coast, section of the coast of the Gulf of Guinea, in Africa. It extends approximately from Axim, Ghana, or nearby Cape Three Points, in the west to the Volta River in the east and is so called because it was an important source of gold. An area of intense colonial rivalry from the 17th

9British West Africa

British West Africa or the British West African Settlements constituted during two periods (17 October 1821 until its first dissolution on 13 January 1850 and again 19 February 1866 till its final demise on 24 November 1888) an administrative entity under a governor-in-chief (comparable in rank to a Governor-general), an office vested in the governor of Sierra Leone (at Freetown).

10which west african country was known as the gold coast under british rule until 1957
The Gold Coast, now to be known as Ghana in memory of an ancient West African empire, has not been marked by the bitter anti-white nationalism of other emerging countries.

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1Gold Coast (British colony)
The Gold Coast was a British Crown Colony on the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa from 1821 to its independence as part of the nation of Ghana in 1957. The…
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The Republic of Ghana is named after the medieval West African Ghana Empire. The empire became known in Europe and Arabia as the Ghana Empire after the…
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3History of Africa
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