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Friends who knew Gregory formed “Tooka Gang” in his honor. Chicago rapper CashOut, who hails from the St. Lawrence area of the Windy City, has shown no mercy in his verbal assault against Chief Keef. The 22-year-old Gangster Disciple took issue with Chief Keef’s blatant disrespect of his fallen friend.

2.who is tooka

Who is Tooka? Shondale Gregory, better known by his street name, Tooka, was a 15-year-old from Chicago. Image via Reddit. On 12 January 2012, Tooka was waiting at a bus stop when a car pulled up in front of him. A passenger got out of the car and, after exchanging a few words, shot the teen multiple times. Tooka was pronounced dead at the scene.

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Tooka A small, feline creature found throughout the galaxy, tookas are simultaneously adored as fuzzy pets and reviled as feral nuisances on many planets. Properly trained, they can be affectionate as well as effective pest-hunters, which has led to their proliferation across worlds as freighter captains and other spacers use tookas to rid their starship holds of vermin.

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Tookas, also called tooka-cats, were a subspecies of feline cats.15 They were popular as pets as the carnivores ate many unwanted pests,7 but were also considered by many to be feral nuisances themselves. When properly trained, they could be excellent hunters of pests.15 One specific breed of tooka was the Loth-cat, native to the planet Lothal.16 Tooka were known to enjoy milk.9 Tooka were …

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Tooka Gang is an Insane Gangster Disciples set located in Chicago. Tooka Gang is another name the “St Lawrence Boys(STL)” gang go by; gangs in Chicago are known to give their gangs aliases in honor of falling gang members. “Tooka Gang” was born out of honor for one of their fallen members, 15 year old member Shondale “Tooka” Gregory.

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Shondale “Tooka” Gregory was a 15 year old Gangster Disciples gang member from the South Side of Chicago. On the evening of January 12, 2011, he was gunned down by masked criminals while waiting for a bus on the 600 block of East 63rd street, he was pronounced dead on the scene.

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A word used to describe potent marijuana. Originated after Shondale “Tooka” Gregory was murdered (smoked) by Chief Keef’s crew Black Disciples. & now “smoking Tooka” pack is used to humiliate Shondale’s death

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The biggest indication that this meme is a hoax, however, is that the pictured woman is not named “Tooka Pizinistee.” This image actually shows singer Lady Gaga at a press event in Belgium in …

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Tooka dissed his dead homies, and he made a joke about Lil Moe from Lamron on Facebook. he was disrespectful

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Gregory, known to friends as “Tooka,” was shot and killed Jan. 12, 2011 at a bus stop at 63rd and St. Lawrence in the Woodlawn neighborhood in South Side Chicago. Marc’s love for Tooka was evident from his constant references to his younger brother. Marc occasionally took to social media to honor his fallen brother.

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1  FBG Duck on Tooka’s Death at 15, Chief Keef Using Tooka’s Name in “3Hunna”
FBG Duck joins VladTV to speak about his upbringing on Chicago’s Low End/South Side, being a self-described “problem child,” and his relationship with the now-legendary Tooka before he passed at the age of 15. Duck explains the impact Tooka’s death had on both himself and the community, and speaks candidly about Chief Keef using Tooka’s name …
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2  Tooka UNREALESED VIDEO Of Him Koolin In The Hood
TODAYS BLOG IS ABOUT TOOKA.. SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL When you become a Subscriber you become family……. My channel is used to display artist personality off the stage and etc.It builds a personal connection with the fans. *Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made …
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