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1who killed diane kyne
In August 2010, Kyne’s 49-year-old wife Diane Kyne was found strangled in her bedroom. The only other people at the Seminole home at the time were Kyne and his 23-year-old stepson Kevin Kyne.


The verdict means Kyne, 27, is now close to winning his freedom, only two years after he was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Diane Kyne, 49, who had been strangled or smothered to death.

3who killed diane kyne
The Kyne case spent years in the spot­light. It has been the sub­ject of TV shows on the Dis­cov­ery Chan­nel and NBC’s Date­line. Diane Kyne, 49, was found stran­gled in her bed­room in Au­gust 2010. The only peo­ple at the Semi­nole home at the time were her hus­band Wil­liam Kyne and her son Kevin Kyne.

4who killed diane kyne
Diane Kyne, a Seminole, Florida, woman who was found dead in her home six years ago, is the subject of the next Dateline NBC. In a repeat episode titled, “True Lies,” detectives discuss the case of a wife and mother who was strangled to death in her own home and the twisted investigation that pointed the finger at the victim’s son and husband.

5who killed diane kyne
Another fact. Krista Kyne and Diane Kyne both died in the same home and Bill was there both times, apparently clueless on what was going on in his home. Bill Kyne aka William E Kyne III has a lengthy criminal record which includes burglary, etc. before 2000 and then his first wife died.

6who killed diane kyne
I believe the son is telling the truth about who killed his mom, Diane Kyne, and that his father, Bill is a master manipulator. There are too many elements which do not support William Kyne (I could write pages). The most troubling for Bill is that he has collected on insurance claims four times! He has had four huge crisis in his life.


Diane Kyne’s death marked the second time a wife of William Kyne has died in the same house. Krista Kyne, 44, was found dead in the home’s swimming pool in 2000. Foul play was not suspected.

8who killed diane kyne
In short, Diane Kyne was the second wife of Bill Kyne and the mother of Kevin Kyne. Bill was Kevin’s step-father. They all got along well save for the occasional argument. One day, both Kevin and Bill call 911 within minutes of each other claiming the other person had killed Diane.

9who killed diane kyne
It was about the murder of Diane Kyne. Both her husband and son were home when she was murdered, and both called 911 and both pointed the finger at the other. I believe one person stands out as the killer without question. But before I share my thoughts, I thought I’d take a vote.

10who killed diane kyne
Diane Kyne was strangled to death. Her husband Bill Kyne called 911 saying his son Kevin killed her. Kevin called 911 accusing his father.

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1  Dateline Mini-Mystery: True Lies | Dateline NBC
Loving mother Diane Kyne is found murdered in her own bed. Her husband and son both make distraught 9-1-1 calls. In two dramatically different stories, each man accuses the other of being the killer. But only one story can be true. Dennis Murphy reports. Watch Full Episodes of Dateline: http://www.DatelineNBC.com Like us on Facebook: http://www …
Watch Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yk-3x5N9aL4

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