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1Zheng He

Zheng He (Chinese: 郑和; simplified Chinese: 郑和; traditional Chinese: 鄭和; pinyin: zhèng hé; 1371 – 1433 or 1435) was a Chinese mariner, explorer, diplomat, fleet admiral, and court eunuch during China’s early Ming dynasty.He was originally born as Ma He in a Muslim family and later adopted the surname Zheng conferred by Emperor Yongle.

2Zheng He

Zheng He was a member of the Hui, a minority group in China that is predominantly Muslim. Later in life, he developed an interest in Buddhist teachings. Zheng He was unusually tall for his time period, standing at 6 feet 5 inches (1.96 meters). On his final voyage, Zheng He diverted from his fleet on his personal hajj to Mecca.

3Zheng He

Zheng He (1371–1433 or 1435) was a Chinese admiral and explorer who led several voyages around the Indian Ocean. Scholars have often wondered how history might have been different if the first Portuguese explorers to round the tip of Africa and move into the Indian Ocean had met up with the admiral’s huge Chinese fleet.Today, Zheng He is considered something of a folk hero, with temples in …

4Zheng He

Introduction Zheng He was a Chinese explorer who lead seven great voyages on behalf of the Chinese emperor. These voyages traveled through the South China Sea, Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, Red Sea, and along the east coast of Africa. His seven total voyages were diplomatic, military, and trading ventures, and lasted from 1405 – 1433.

5Zheng He

Zheng He’s Childhood When Zheng He was born his given name was Ma He. He was born in the Yunnan Province in 1371. His father and grandfather were Muslim leaders of the Mongol Yuan Dynasty. However, when the Ming Dynasty took over, Chinese soldiers captured Ma He and took him as a slave to one of the Emperor’s sons, Prince Zhu Di.

6Zheng He

Admiral Zheng He (aka Cheng Ho, c. 1371-1433 CE) was a Chinese Muslim eunuch explorer who was sent by the Ming dynasty emperor Yongle (r. 1403-1424 CE) on seven diplomatic missions to increase trade and secure tribute from foreign powers. Between 1405 and 1433 CE Zheng He commanded huge fleets loaded with trade goods and high-value gifts to such far-flung places as Hormuz in the Persian Gulf …

7Zheng He

Zheng He was an ethnically Muslim Chinese figure of the Ming Dynasty, which ruled China for 276 years between the 1368 and 1644. Zheng He might be called the “Christopher Columbus” of China because of his spectacular journeys to far-off lands, such as East Africa, the Middle East, and Sri Lanka.

8who was zheng he?
Zheng He statue in the Quanzhou Maritime Museum ( CC BY-SA 2.0) The Early Life of Zheng He . Zheng He was born in 1371 with the name Ma He to a wealthy Hui (Chinese Muslim) family in the Yunnan Province, the last Mongolian-hold in China.

9who was zheng he?
He was born Ma He in 1371 in China’s southern Yunnan province to parents from the ethnic Hui minority, who are majority Muslim.. While little is known about his family, Zheng’s father and …

10Zheng He

Zheng He. explorer Born: c. 1371 Birthplace: China An admiral in the Imperial Chinese navy, Zheng He made seven voyages to Southeast Asia, India, and Africa to explore and trade.In 1405 Zheng made his first trip, sailing to Vietnam and India with a fleet of Chinese boats known as junks. He carried a cargo of silk, porcelain, and lacquer ware that the Chinese wanted to trade for pearls, spices …

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1Zheng He
Zheng He (Chinese: 郑和; simplified Chinese: 郑和; traditional Chinese: 鄭和; pinyin: zhèng ; 1371 – 1433 or 1435) was a Chinese mariner, explorer, diplomat…
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2Ming treasure voyages
and around the South China Sea, the Indian Ocean, and beyond. Admiral Zheng He was commissioned to command the treasure fleet for the expeditions. Six of…
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3Bao Zheng
reach a consensus. › Bao Zheng (包拯; Bāo Zhěng; 5 March 999 – 3 July 1062), commonly known as Bao Gong (包公; Bāo Gōng; ‘Lord Bao’), was a Chinese politician…
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