why did i get my period twice in one month

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1.why did i get my period twice in one month

During some months, your cycle may last for more or fewer days than the previous month, or it may start earlier or later than it has before. Sometimes, you may even have two periods in a single…

2.why did i get my period twice in one month

An underactive or overactive thyroid gland can cause your period to come twice in one month. “The thyroid gland is regulated by hormones produced and regulated in the same area of the brain—the…

3.why did i get my period twice in one month

When your period Spidey senses start tingling (aka you’re crampin real bad) you know it’s about to get ugly in your nether regions. Ah yes, you’re period is coming and it’s going down like …

4.why did i get my period twice in one month

“Perimenopause is a time when your hormones can be all over the place, ovulation can be sporadic, and you can get your period twice in a month,” says Dr. Dweck. The issue is if you’re bleeding…

5.why did i get my period twice in one month

Irregular bleeding during pregnancy occurs for some women, and it’s possible to mistake irregular bleeding for your period. If you get your period twice in one month and are sexually active, you may want to take a pregnancy test to see if you’re experiencing irregular bleeding as a result of being pregnant. You have pelvic inflammatory disease

6.why did i get my period twice in one month

Yes, if you are dealing with PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome then there is a chance that you might get your period twice in a month. Says Dr Mittal, “PCOS is all about hormonal imbalance and hormones have a direct implication on your periods. Not just two periods in one month but no period at all can also be a situation for some ladies.

7.why did i get my period twice in one month

Menstrual cycle irregularities such as having period twice in one month can be due to various factors. Here are some of the causes: Premature ovarian failure: Premature ovarian failure or primary ovarian insufficiency is described as the loss of normal ovarian function before 40 years of age. It can cause infrequent periods over a number of years.

8.why did i get my period twice in one month

Some of the things that could cause a period twice in one month are: 1. Perimenopause — Perimenopause can be an underlying cause of having two periods in one month. It’s the phase that leads up to menopause, during which the body’s hormones begin to change.

9.why did i get my period twice in one month

I will list some of the possible cause of a second period or brown discharge [assuming it was very light] – Reasons for a period every two weeks could be: • Dramatic weight loss or gain — This changes the hormones in the body and these are responsible for directing when the period will start.

10.why did i get my period twice in one month

Try to do this about one week after your period was supposed to start. Taking a test too early can result in a false negative. If your periods are typically irregular, it can be harder to find the …

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