Why did kakashi become hokage

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1.Why did kakashi become hokage

Kakashi Hatake was chosen as the Rokudaime Hokage of Konoha.Naruto Uzumaki could’ve easily been the next Hokage, just like Gaara, but instead they went for Kakashi.The reason why I believe this happened was because Naruto lacked experience. He didn’t know how to look over a village. A person like Gaara was a lot more mature than Na

2.Why did kakashi become hokage

It was probably because he was far too ahead of his age-fellows and wasn’t suited to be assigned to a team yet. 1 Why Did He Become The Hokage When Lady Tsunade Was Alive? Hatake Kakashi is undoubtedly one of the most mysterious characters in the Naruto franchise. The only way for her to save everyone was to have Kakashi do it.

3.Why did kakashi become hokage

Being Hokage is clearly about more than raw power. Kakashi is intelligent, level-headed, and respected by everyone. He was recommended to be the hokage multiple times throughout the manga. if it wasnt for tsunade there would be no village m.she literally saves everyones lives. lol the only person who died pffft was Kakashi.

4.Why did kakashi become hokage

Guy and Kakashi go way back. For a number of years, Hatake Kakashi takes up the mantle of Hokage before relinquishing the title over to Naruto and supposedly entering retirement. In the past, Kishimoto has been asked how Naruto grew once his story ended. Recasting The Main Cast Of Frasier, Today, Naruto: 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Hatake …

5.Why did kakashi become hokage

Kakashi ultimately wins the race, albeit very closely, and Guy congratulates him on becoming Hokage, claiming that from now on Kakashi would be too busy for their challenges. However, Kakashi tells him that they will always be “eternal rivals” and that he is happy he is there and would need Guy’s help running the village, leaving Guy in tears.

6.Why did kakashi become hokage

Kakashi Hatake became the Sixth Hokage at the age of 32, succeeding Tsunade in the role. He could have become Hokage at an earlier date, but Tsunade woke up from a coma and continued to execute her duties. Kakashi was reluctant to accept these duties, but he ultimately did, being Hokage for a total of 13 years. …

7.Why did kakashi become hokage

Kakashi was hokage for a much longer time than people realize, just because of the time jumps. Tsunade retired and Kakashi became hokage after the war, showing Kakashi trying to promote naruto to jonin before naruto had the hashirama arm, but also saying naruto would need three years of schooling to become Jonin.

8.Why did kakashi become hokage

Somehow Obito’s spirit traveled inside Kakashi’s body, possessing him completely. This way, he was able to lend Kakashi his Mangekyo Sharingan. Kakashi had Sharingan in both his eyes. After the war was over, Obito’s spirit went away and so did his Sharingan, leaving Kakashi with none. 1 Why Did He Become The Hokage When Lady Tsunade Was Alive?

9.Why did kakashi become hokage

As such, Sakura is someone who people can see become the 8th Hokage of the village. 5 Can’t Become: Choji Akimichi Choji is one of the strongest characters from the previous generation of shinobi in the Boruto series right now and while his ninja rank isn’t known, he is most likely a Jonin.

10.Why did kakashi become hokage

Kakashi Becomes The 6th Hokage

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