Why Do Girls Sit On Dryers

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1Why Do Girls Sit On Dryers
Women sit on dryers to get their a*** warm! Or if they are bored and waiting for their other laundry to get done. 0 0. bri. Lv 7. 1 decade ago. They sit on washers and dryers because the vibrations feel tickly in a pleasant way. 1 1. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Sign in.

2Why Do Girls Sit On Dryers
It’s the washing machine actually, dryers don’t vibrate enough. That said, it’s really only older washing machines, newer ones don’t tend to vibrate as much. I don’t think it would work for me either way, but it probably hits the right spots on other women.

3Why Do Girls Sit On Dryers
For starters, bonnet hair dryers are much easier to use than hand-held blow dryers. Using a hand-held hair dryer can be cumbersome and easily tires out your arm. In contrast, a bonnet hair dryer frees up your hands to either read a magazine or get a manicure. Secondly, deep conditioning is the key reason why every girl should own one of these …

4Why Do Girls Sit On Dryers
oct 3, 2007 6:56 pm cst do women really sit on washing machines ? Dknew Barrington, New Hampshire USA 319 Threads 14 Polls 9,166 Posts Dknew Barrington, New Hampshire USA 9,166 posts

5Why Do Girls Sit On Dryers
Get Prepared. In addition to your hair color kit, which will come with everything you need to color your hair, you’ll need some petroleum jelly, an old towel or shirt to protect your clothing, a wide-toothed comb, four large hair clips, a timer or a stopwatch and either a hooded dryer or a hand-held dryer.

6Why Do Girls Sit On Dryers
It is considered indirect heat. Based on the dryer type (ionic, ceramic, tourmaline) it could reduce frizz, add shine, protect against damage, etc. To top it off, some dryers come with a cool setting to lock in your set, which could add a few days onto your style. Regardless of dryer type, the hooded dryer produces a crisp, shiny, flawless finish.

7Why Do Girls Sit On Dryers
Using a hooded dryer to help the moisture seep in has definitely resolved this issue. To deep condition your hair. Deep conditioners are more effective at penetrating your hair when you use it along with heat. It’s best to sit under a hooded dryer for 15- 20 minutes, however if you don’t have a hooded dryer you can always use a warm towel.

8Why Do Girls Sit On Dryers
Why do guys spit in … But women really don’t like sitting on the toilet. … In one experiment, bacteria counts in the air were 27 times higher near hand dryers than they were by paper-towel dispensers, and high-powered jet dryers made things four and a half times worse than normal …

9Why Do Girls Sit On Dryers
The ability to sit on a heated toilet seat, clean with warm water AND have a warm air-dryer will have anyone looking forward to the comfort of their bathroom. When it comes to benefits, bidets seem like a no-brainer.

10Why Do Girls Sit On Dryers
Okay, not ALL girls do this, and certainly not all of the time. Sometimes it’s an accident and you have to roll with it, and sometimes it’s completely voluntary. My current situation describes the latter. In conclusion: come get us boys; we’re all yours.

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Girl has fun sitting in a dryer
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