Why Do You Resign When You Lose The Queen

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1.Why Do You Resign When You Lose The Queen

Well, the idea behind resigning when you lose your Queen is quite simple: once you reach the level of about 1500-1600, a 2-3 point advantage in material = automatic win, so losing your Queen is equivalent to you being 4-9 points down = pointless massacre, so you resign. It has nothing to do with a particular attachment to any specific piece.

2.Why Do You Resign When You Lose The Queen

After losing the queen for nothing, the game is essentially lost, so many players resign instead of wasting their time playing a lost position till the end. Others choose to play on, either hoping that you will blunder even worse or run out of time. People are free to choose.

3.Why Do You Resign When You Lose The Queen

By losing a queen, you lose at least 4 points, which turns into a much deeper loss as the game goes on. Queens can be traded, but only with a specific positional goal in mind (or I suppose for even material, like a rook+knight+pawn {5+3+1}) Generally players with ratings of less than 1600 or so don’t have a concept of positioning or when it’s proper to make such a trade.

4.Why Do You Resign When You Lose The Queen

Give up only when you are dead certain you have lost and are confident in your opponent’s ability to convert the advantage. Don’t waste both players’ time by having your opponent checkmate you with an extra queen (unless you are a complete beginner). Remember, if you find the position unclear, you should always keep playing.

5.Why Do You Resign When You Lose The Queen

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6.Why Do You Resign When You Lose The Queen

You also want to track why employees resign so that you can see patterns and deal with the issues before you lose your best employees. An employee resignation allows you to examine your retention processes and take steps to retain your best employees. Here’s everything you need to do when employees resign.

7.Why Do You Resign When You Lose The Queen

Touch Her Majesty. Only shake her hand if she offers it. In 2000, John Howard appeared to have put his arm around the Queen, as did US First Lady Michelle Obama in 2009.

8.Why Do You Resign When You Lose The Queen

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9.Why Do You Resign When You Lose The Queen

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10.Why Do You Resign When You Lose The Queen

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