why does aaron rodgers say 319

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1.why does aaron rodgers say 319

By Dan Clarendon Updated 2 weeks ago Green Bay Packers fans think Aaron Rodgers always says “319,” but he’s actually shouting out “Green 19.” The call, often overheard during TV broadcasts of Packers games, is part of the cadence the athlete uses to communicate with his teammates.

2.why does aaron rodgers say 319

Answered December 20, 2012 Why does Aaron Rodgers say 319 only? No one can say for sure because he won’t tell anyone, for strategic reasons, but it’s reasonable to assume that “319” is a cadence filler that is tied into the snap count. Rodgers has also used “Green 18” and “Blue 58.”

3.why does aaron rodgers say 319

Why Does Aaron Rodgers Always Say “319”? Info on Packers QB’s Cadence. Posted by admin December 5, 2020. It’s good that Aaron has a gift for cadence, as it can make or break a quarterback. “In football terms, simply put, …

4.why does aaron rodgers say 319

Why does Aaron Rodgers say 319? Asked by Wiki User. 6 7 8. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered . 2014-11-30 22:29:46. It’s “green” 18, not “3” 18. It’s the start of his snap count. The ball …

5.why does aaron rodgers say 319

Why does Aaron Rodgers say 319? It’s “green” 18, not “3” 18. It’s the start of his snap count. The ball is then snapped on a one or two count following.

6.why does aaron rodgers say 319

Its not 319, its “Green 18” and it simply is an easy to hear phrase with a good rhythm to it to get the players off at the same time. Usually the ball is snapped on the “teen” of 18, but as stated…

7.why does aaron rodgers say 319

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8.why does aaron rodgers say 319

Green 19. Rodger’s alternate cadence is “Blue 58”. Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy have said that it’s typical for 2 plays to be called in the huddle. When you hear “Kill”, it means go to the secondary play.

9.why does aaron rodgers say 319

In high school, our QB would constantly change his cadence so that when it meant something– like in a decision play, where he’d say black 14 to go to the 4 hole, or green 13 to go to the 3 hole for instance, depending on the defensive lineup–they wouldn’t pick up on it because he’d been doing it the whole game.

10.why does aaron rodgers say 319

Every QB says something constant before they start a play for a hard count I assume. He has said Green 18 since the Super Bowl year. I don’t think it means anything about the defense. We see many QBs say different things. Like Brady says Alpha quite a lot before he starts a play.

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