why does america give money to other countries

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1.why does america give money to other countries

This all begins with the Marshall Plan following WWII. If you aren’t aware of what this is, the United States gave money to the practically obliterated countries all across Europe to aid them in reconstruction. The Marshall Plan entitled Allied nations to more money, and former Axis nations to less as punishment.

2.why does america give money to other countries

Last year, we spent $33 billion on foreign aid, money that we gave to 100 countries around the world for a variety of projects. Sometimes the aim is to spur development, like offering low-cost…

3.why does america give money to other countries

Donald Trump ran for President on the concept of “ America First.” What does this mean in practice for his governing philosophy and foreign policy? Drastic cuts to foreign aid expenditures, namely, the money the U.S. sends to other countries for humanitarian, developmental and economic reasons.

4.why does america give money to other countries

Why does the US give so much money to other countries, seemingly randomly? Looking at the most recent spending bill in Congress(Covid Relief Bill or whatever), there are billions going to places like Israel, Honduras, Pakistan, Sudan, Costa Rica and like a dozen other countries.

5.why does america give money to other countries

Believe this or not, I’m not attempting to start a cyber-riot. I’m not asking anyone to bash the current administration in Washington. I just have a question that perhaps some of you understand (the why) better than I do… As I type this, our elected officials are debating the federal government’s funding/budget. I see most of this stuff as pure political crapola.

6.why does america give money to other countries

Aid is essentially anything that’s given from one country to another in the name of helping people in need. Most of us either give aid voluntarily or as part of our taxes, or receive services from an organization partly funded by aid from around the world.

7.why does america give money to other countries

Why do we give billions of dollars in aide to other countries when we cannot even get us on the right track. Obama complains about us being behind other countries academically, however he gives money that we do not have, to other countries like egypt. The billions of dollars we are giving to other countries could be used to fund education here, how are we suppose to improve when we have …

8.why does america give money to other countries

The US doesn’t give foreign aid to Israel: it gives money to US defense contractors. The ‘money’ Israel receives is actually credits held by the US Treasury that are drawn down and paid to US defense companies. Putting Israel aside, we do this because this keeps our defense industry strong and maintains employment in it.

9.why does america give money to other countries

The U.S. doesn’t give aid to those countries as a reward for good behavior. To put it bluntly, it’s because we’re worried there are people in those countries who will try to kill us (or kill our…

10.why does america give money to other countries

With so many connections around the world, it’s no surprise that Americans are sending their hard-earned cash to neighboring nations and those further flung. Supporting relatives in home countries. Wiring funds to children studying abroad. Funding business in global markets.

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As a physician who has worked in Mexico, Guatemala, and Kenya, I (Dr. Tomedi) have seen first-hand the benefits of U.S. aid in achieving that historic progress. Now the Gates Foundation Goalkeepers Report estimates most of the progress we have made in the last 25 years in making immunizations available will be erased in the last 25 weeks of 2020.

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1  How Much Does the U.S. Spend on Foreign Aid and Why?
President Trump’s proposed 2018 budget calls for sharp cuts to the State Department and to USAID, which provides humanitarian and economic aid to other countries. WSJ breaks down how much the U.S. spends on foreign aid and where those funds go. Photo: Getty Subscribe to the WSJ channel here: More from the Wall Street …
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