why does anthony davis have a unibrow reddit

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1Anthony Davis

Since puberty, Anthony Davis has rocked a unibrow. “It just makes me different,” he says when anyone asks him why the best college basketball player in the world and consensus No.

2why does anthony davis have a unibrow reddit
All three of those women have worked hard as fuck for years. It’s very sad to read some of the comments on here just flat out degrading women. You can not like Doris’ commentary , or taylors, or beckys coaching, but I had to report multiple comments that were kitchen jokes?

3why does anthony davis have a unibrow reddit
We have seen the way the country has rallied behind this movement. NBA players have been finding their voices, players like Dwight and Patty Mills have opted to donate salary, clearly there is no fear to speak out on important issues throughout a large portion of the league. But now, when it comes to this, it is only silence.

4why does anthony davis have a unibrow reddit
Anthony Davis has NBA history with his unibrow and is known as the Brow. Being on the Lakers, I was wondering, why does Davis does not shave his unibrow. #Da…

5Anthony Davis

A post shared by Anthony Davis (@antdavis23) on Apr 1, 2018 at 10:11am PDT Anthony Davis shaved off his unibrow on Saturday, but I’m having a tough time believing it’s real.


Kentucky just won the National Title, and everyone has the same question. Why does their star and presumptive NBA number-one pick Anthony Davis have a massive unibrow? BuzzFeed Sports and Twitter …


A unibrow (or jacco brow or monobrow; called synophrys in medicine) is a single eyebrow created when the two eyebrows meet in the middle above the bridge of the nose. The hair above the bridge of the nose is often of the same color and thickness as the eyebrows, giving the appearance that they converge to form one uninterrupted line of hair.

8why does anthony davis have a unibrow reddit
One of the most recognizable aspects about Anthony Davis is his unibrow. Davis has learned to embrace his unibrow, marketing the distinguishing feature in ads and even referring to it as “The Brow.”

9why does anthony davis have a unibrow reddit
After tons of speculation, New Orleans Pelicans big Anthony Davis shaved off his infamous unibrow. The 25-year-old took to social media to share the news. REPOST – @antdavis23 . “The people have spoken, time for a little change …

10why does anthony davis have a unibrow reddit
Anthony Davis just ripped out the Nuggets … Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window) … The basketball gods have traded their Maxie Miner shorts in for a unibrow and a 6-pack of Sprite.

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1ESPN’s Maria Taylor claps back at questions over All-NBA vote after misogynistic remarks
Taylor was one of the many media members who submitted ballots for NBA awards this year. Her ballot was highlighted by a Los Angeles Lakers writer for leaving Anthony Davis off of the all-NBA team. That note spun into sexist comments,
Published Date: 2020-09-20T00:03:00.0000000Z

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1  Anthony Davis Once Groomed the Unibrow
James asks Anthony Davis about his famous unibrow and learns that there was a time in high school he tried to address it.
Watch Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wowOtfUGbsA

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