why does beth hate jamie so much in yellowstone

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1.why does beth hate jamie so much in yellowstone

Fans had suspected it was something to do with Jamie being responsible for Beth losing a baby ever … white women like Beth, so Yellowstone is … So that was why Beth and Rip broke up when they …

2.why does beth hate jamie so much in yellowstone

Sunday’s episode of Yellowstone, “Cowboys and Dreamers,” finally answered the show’s biggest question, which is why Beth (Kelly Reilly) harbors such antipathy toward her brother Jamie (Wes Bentley).

3.why does beth hate jamie so much in yellowstone

Since the early days of Yellowstone, two things have been abundantly clear: 1) Beth Dutton’s (Kelly Reilly) hair has more volume than a heavy metal concert and 2) Beth Dutton hates her brother…

4.why does beth hate jamie so much in yellowstone

Fans want to know why Beth (Kelly Reilly) hates Jamie (Wes Bentley) so much. Pic credit: Paramount. Fans of the drama series Yellowstone on Paramount Network have been speculating about why Beth …

5.why does beth hate jamie so much in yellowstone

Beth is certainly no angel on Yellowstone and has shown herself to be willing to do whatever it takes in the name of the family. But she hates Jamie with such a passion that in a recent episode, the two were arguing and Beth venomously told Jamie to kill himself, which wasn’t said in the heat of the moment: Beth really meant it.

6.why does beth hate jamie so much in yellowstone

Why does Beth Dutton hate her brother Jamie so much on the hit show, Yellowstone?That is one of the big questions that has loomed over the series ever since Season 1. Things have arguably grown …

7.why does beth hate jamie so much in yellowstone

‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Drops Major Clues About Why Beth Hates Jamie So Much The actress fears that the show’s fans won’t be happy with her character after the big reveal. By Amanda Garrity

8.why does beth hate jamie so much in yellowstone

Beth seems to especially hate Jamie on ‘Yellowstone,’ but why? OK, so Jamie opening up to a reporter and gushing about the idiosyncrasies of his family’s relationship to the land in Montana was probably a bad idea and didn’t exactly enamor him to his family or anyone else working the ranch.

9.why does beth hate jamie so much in yellowstone

On Wednesday’s episode of Yellowstone, “Behind Us Only Grey,” Beth Dutton dropped a subtle hint about why she hates Jamie so much. Now, fans are speculating why Beth is so hostile toward their …

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2.Yellowstone season 4: Will there be a time jump in Yellowstone series 4?

Most of Yellowstone is set in the present day but it does … so harsh on Beth, where she says she wants her to be as confident and strong as any man. In season three, fans finally got the answer to why Beth despises brother Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley) so much.

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1  Beth & Jamie’s Troubled Past | Yellowstone | Paramount Network
The tumultuous relationship between Jamie and Beth has been years in the making. Wes Bentley and Kelly Reilly discuss the emotional reveal. Yellowstone, cable’s No. 1 drama, airs Sundays at 9/8c only on Paramount Network. #Yellowstone #ParamountNetwork Subscribe for More! Yellowstone is a drama series that follows the …
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