Why does boruto have whiskers

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1.Why does boruto have whiskers

It’s because the Nine Tails is sealed in Naruto that just like when Naruto was born with whiskers Boruto and Himiwari were too its the Nine Tails chakra that causes the whiskers and so some of Narutos chakra is within his children and some of the Nine Tails chakra is mixed with Naruto’s and as for the brothers they spent 2 weeks I think inside Nine Tails which the survived by feeding off his insides and bathing in his chakra hence the whiskers

2.Why does boruto have whiskers

So, as we know, characters like Boruto, Naruto, Himawari, and the Gold/silver brothers had the whisker marks. So Naruto and the G/S bros recieved the whiskers due to the nine tails, but Boruto and Hima didn’t. So are they Hereditary or chakra based? The thing is, They are both.

3.Why does boruto have whiskers

Also, that means Senju Mito’s children should have 3 whiskers too, Nawaki and Tsunade then would have 2 whiskers, but that’s not the case for some reason. Boruto Uzumaki and Himawari Uzumaki were in Hinata during pregancy, they didn’t have the influence for as long during development.

4.Why does boruto have whiskers

Why Naruto Has Whiskers. … Naruto’s children Boruto Uzumaki and Himawari Uzumaki have even inherited his trademark whiskers. However, unlike their father, Boruto and Himawari are limited to having two whiskers on each cheek as opposed to three.

5.Why does boruto have whiskers

In Boruto and Himawari’s case, they got the whiskers because Naruto had and inherited the Jougan (Pure Eye – Boruto) and Byakugan (Himawari) from their mother. This I how I feel Boruto got his whiskers.

6.Why does boruto have whiskers

I think it’s because one of their parents is a Jinchuriki. Naruto has whiskers as well, but Kushina doesn’t since neither of her parents had a tailed beast sealed inside of them. At least that’s my theory. level 2

7.Why does boruto have whiskers

Ginkaku and Kinkaku have whiskers because they are distant related to Hagoromo. That’s why after eating Kurama’s flesh they didn’t die (other people that ate his flesh die) Mito descendants doesn’t have whiskers because kurama’s genes decrease every generation, that’s why Hima and Boruto have 2 whiskers. Maybe their children will have 1 whisker.

8.Why does boruto have whiskers

Naruto had whiskers before becoming a Jinchurriki due to Kuramas influence while he was in the womb.. Naruto is still a Jinchurriki, but didn’t carry his kids, so they shouldn’t have whiskers. According to common theory on here though, the reason Boruto & Himawari have whiskers is due to Kuramas chakra affecting Narutos DNA, thus he passed the whiskers along like a “genetic trait”.

9.Why does boruto have whiskers

Why Does Boruto And Himawari Have Whiskers October 18, 2019 Tdnbh Uzumaki Family By Ravingiwaki On Deviantart. Anyone Else Like The Idea Of Himawari Becoming Boruto. Boruto And Himawari Become Jinchurikies Kurama After Death Of Naruto. Safebooru Absurdres Alarm Clock Bags Under Eyes Bandage.

10.Why does boruto have whiskers

I mean I’m sure everyone sees them but not once have I heard anyone talking about them, like they never go like “what does he look like? He has blond hair blue eyes and three marks on each of his cheeks” or “oh he looks pretty dumb with those whis…

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1  Why Do Boruto and Himawari Have 1 Less Whisker?
It’s strange for them to even have whiskers to begin with but why only 2? Being the children of Kurama’s jinchuuriki isn’t enough to explain this so let’s go deep into the lore to find a fitting answer!
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