Why does costco check receipts

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1.Why does costco check receipts

Here’s something you’ve probably wondered at least once or twice: why does Costco check receipts?You just spent the last four hours shopping for bulk for all your bulk good needs and now that your cart is full and you’ve paid your due, the smiling exit greeter gives your receipt the once over.

2.Why does costco check receipts

The main reason why Costco checks your receipt isn’t to prevent shoplifting, but to prevent customers being overcharged for items by mistake. Shoplifting isn’t common in Costco, but errors from cashiers happen more frequently that you might think. While employees can’t check every single item in your cart (it would take way too long and back up …

3.Why does costco check receipts

Here’s what Costco really wants to know. According to an article published by, Costco checks receipts to make sure that everything was properly scanned. And not just for the items that …

4.Why does costco check receipts

On its website, Costco notes that it is “ standard practice ” to check everyone’s receipt when they leave the store. They do this for two reasons. The first has to do with inventory control …

5.Why does costco check receipts

The receipt check and quick item count is the best way to catch possible errors. A former Costco employee wrote in a now-archived Reddit forum that, “If a receipt shows under 20 items, we count. It’s a very quick count to 20. Most people who work at the exit are actually counting your cart before you even hand the receipt over.

6.Why does costco check receipts

Fact Check. The Real Reason Costco Employees Check Receipts at Exits. … Costco is actually examining receipts to make sure a shopper hasn’t been overcharged for their purchases. Someone with …

7.Why does costco check receipts

The first reason Costco checks your receipt is as a means of inventory control. Basically, by checking your receipt, Costco is ensuring that their cashiers correctly scanned each item in your cart. The second reason that the receipt-checkers exist is to make sure that you’ve been charged properly for the items you’ve purchased.

8.Why does costco check receipts

The Cheat Sheet points out that former Costco employees say the receipt-checkers are actually there to spot cashier errors, not shoplifting. This Quora answer from a former staffer explains it in more detail, stating that in their 12 years of working there, the receipt-checkers spotted theft zero times, but caught cashier errors several times per day.

9.Why does costco check receipts

One Costco Canada employee recounted an attempted theft while doing this final receipt check. Someone exiting the store attempted to steal, “a produce box full of clothes,” the employee said.

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1.American Express

Costco in the United States were an extension of an exclusive credit card network deal between Costco and American Express dating from 1999. Costco was…


Club and Costco, the contracts merely say that it is their policy to check receipts at the exit or that they "reserve the right." That wording does not specify…


began a company-wide campaign to reduce crime that included spot-checking receipts at exits, stationing employees at self-checkout areas, eye-level security…

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