why does dazai wear bandages?

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1.why does dazai wear bandages?

The bandages represent the past attempts at suicide and self injury. The bandages represent this in the animated character (also representing Dazai’s most popular work, No Longer Human). This is much like Kenji is dressed as a farmer in the anime because many of his works were about agriculture.

2.why does dazai wear bandages?

So basically, my friend asked me about my opinion on Dazai’s Bandages and why they are on his arms when nothing is under them, on them, etc. and I gave her my best possible and most thoughtful answer I can. So I decided to copy and paste it here so I can get other people’s opinions on this topic.

3.why does dazai wear bandages?

You can ascribe to it a lot of interesting hedcanons, some of which are: The neck is bandaged, because Dazai tried to hang himself (from real life to Osamu Dazai) The hands are bandaged, as Dazai tried to cut the veins and / or cut himself. The eye was sick (?) Iridocyclitis, is it you?

4.why does dazai wear bandages?

Dazai must have tattoos, as he spent a long time in the mafia. Perhaps, he hides them because of his sins. He does not want anyone to see them, because now he’s a “good guy”. Since I do not know what kind of tattoo Dazai has (if it is), I can not say what it means and I can not go on with the thought.

5.why does dazai wear bandages?

I also believe Dazai isn’t very good at fighting at times. He uses the bandages to trick others when fighting. They assume he’s already hurt and won’t be too much of a threat. level 1

6.why does dazai wear bandages?

Dazai always wears bandages around his upper torso and his arms. Maybe it’s just injuries from his failed suicide attempts, or are there any other reasons?

7.why does dazai wear bandages?

※ dazai is THE book that fitzgerald/the Guild is looking for. since it’s a book that allows revival of the dead, it ties well with dazai’s ability of nullification – what if he can nullify anything including death? and then the person revived will be…. “no longer human”… and the writings/runes/chapters of the book are hidden in the bandages

8.why does dazai wear bandages?

Why does he have bandages wrapped all over his arms? Why he is so amazed and obsessed about committing suicide, and many more mysterious the series has yet to reveal? Dazai Osamu is definitely one of the series’ character that deserves a highlight!

9.why does dazai wear bandages?

Back when he was in the mafia, Dazai wore a black trench coat that reached under his knees. He also wore bandages over his right eye and his right arm is in a sling—presumably products of his suicidal pastimes. At some point, he was able to regain the use of his right arm; the same arm he then used to aim and fire a gun at Akutagawa three times.

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