why does diane keaton always wear a scarf

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1.why does diane keaton always wear a scarf

Despite her protests against the title, Diane Keaton has become an icon of film and fashion. Known for her roles in classics like Annie Hall, Father of the Bride, and The First Wives Club, Keaton …

2.why does diane keaton always wear a scarf

Why? Because you nearly always see her wearing long sleeves and a turtleneck – in both real life and in her films. While we still don’t have confirmation on her Raynaud’s status, the Wall Street Journal has confirmed: Diane Keaton loves turtlenecks, so it’s not our imagination! The article is titled Diane Keaton’s Turtleneck Style Is …

3.why does diane keaton always wear a scarf

She’s 73 years old. Should she be wearing crop tops and short shorts? Diane Keaton was never a “sex kitten”; it’s not who she was (or is). In fact, what made her sexy in her younger years was largely that she was a very attractive woman who reject…

4.why does diane keaton always wear a scarf

Bea Arthur, of the Golden Girls, wore a scarf for all of the seasons she did “Maude” the television series. She is now 80, but she was in her 50s when she did “Maude”. Diane Keaton is 61. Candace Bergen is 60. I guess with all of the plastic surgery that is done on the face, only so much can be done with a turkey neck.

5.why does diane keaton always wear a scarf

Why does Diane Keaton ALWAYS have somthing around her neck…scarf , turtle neck? … She always seems to have done so. She claims she runs cold and also is reported to wear gloves on her movie sets. I wonder if she is self concious about creping in her neck.

6.why does diane keaton always wear a scarf

I love Diane Keaton, but why in almost every movie does she wear a turtle neck swear, a high colar, or a scarf? I mean, almost every movie! Is she self-conscious about her neck? I’m just wondering.

7.why does diane keaton always wear a scarf

There’s a disease (can’t remember the name) where people have poor circulation and are always cold. My girlfriend has it, and she’s always wearing turtlenecks, extra sweaters, scarves, etc. 4….

8.why does diane keaton always wear a scarf

Diane Keaton talks career, family, clothes. Known for playing free-spirited, independent and eccentric characters, Keaton also is an accomplished photographer, real estate developer and …

9.why does diane keaton always wear a scarf

Diane Keaton sometimes feels bad about her neck. As she explains in “Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty,” she also occasionally feels bad about her self-described thin hair, the downward …

10.why does diane keaton always wear a scarf

It’s hard to believe that Diane Keaton won’t admit she’s an icon in the world of film.She starred in classics like Annie Hall and The Godfather, and Father of the Bride.Keaton is also a lifelong …

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