why does dolly parton cover her hands

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1why does dolly parton cover her hands
Dolly Parton is always wearing fingerless gloves and long sleeves, and there are a few theories why: The country icon might be covering up scars or tattoos.

2why does dolly parton cover her hands
Not only does Dolly Parton wear fingerless gloves every single day, … she has instead worn sleeves that have additional fabric at the end so that they cover her wrists and upper parts of her hands.


Dolly Parton’s big secret: Why she always covers her arms The country music icon has been hiding something about herself for years, but recently the Jolene singer has come clean. news.com.au …


If you’re a true Dolly Parton fan, you will have noticed that during her 50 years in the public eye she never wears short sleeve tops. But why is she so set on covering her arms up? In 2011 during an appearance on Craig Ferguson’s talk show, comedian Roseanne Barr revealed Parton is hiding the fact her arms are covered in tattoos.

5why does dolly parton cover her hands
As for why she always has her arms and hands covered (The fingerless, rhinestone-encrusted gloves she wears are all custom made.), Dolly’s longtime creative director Steve Summers says it’s …

6why does dolly parton cover her hands
Dolly’s creative director, Steve Summers, said she wears them to hide certain features like her hands and elbows. When you watch Dolly Parton perform in all of her glory, you’ll notice the country star’s voluminous blonde hair , sparkly sequin gowns, bright pink lipstick , and five-inch stilettos.

7why does dolly parton cover her hands
Preferring to cover her arms is just part of Dolly Parton’s signature style. She may rock her incredible cleavage, but she shows off her modest roots with long sleeves. It may seem a little …

8why does dolly parton cover her hands
So, do Dolly Parton’s gloves also cover some scars? They might! Dollymania.net is a Dolly Parton fansite that’s been operated by superfan Duane Gordon since 1996. One section of the site is dedicated to “Letters to the Webmaster,” where people can send in their questions about Dolly and Duane will answer them to the best of his ability.

9why does dolly parton cover her hands
According to Inked, Dolly Parton has also previously admitted to Jay Leno that she has an angel tattoo somewhere on her body and told Larry King that she doesn’t have full tattoo sleeves or anywhere near as many tattoos as people think.”I splattered them here and there, but I wouldn’t be a biker chick or anything!” she said. If you take a close look at what Parton wears on the red carpet and …

10why does dolly parton cover her hands
Back in 2012, while on the red carpet for the premiere of her film Joyful Noise, Dolly bent over a little too far and revealed what looks to be a heart or a flower petal tattoo.A few weeks later …

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1  It’s true! Dolly Parton admits she has tattoos | Larry King Now | Ora.TV
Watch the Full Larry King Now Interview Here: http://www.ora.tv/larrykingnow Legendary country musician Dolly Parton comes clean about her long-rumored tattoos, telling Larry King that she’s gone under the needle to cover up keloid scars on her body. Sign up for the Larry King Now newsletter to receive guest updates: http://www.ora.tv …
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voS3u0fl03M&w=100&h=400]
Watch Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voS3u0fl03M

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