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1.why does frodo leave the fellowship

Frodo left Middle-earth because of what happened to him during Lord of the Rings. He experienced two injuries which never completely faded, meaning he couldn’t stay and be happy in Middle-earth. In Fellowship of the Ring, the hobbits were ambushed by the Ringwraiths, creatures whose primary goal is to serve Sauron and find the Ring.

2.why does frodo leave the fellowship

Speaking from the point of view of the book, there was a larger purpose. The Ring would not be destroyed by power. Aragorn and company may have been magnificent fighters, but there was absolutely no way they’d be able to take on the entire army of…

3.why does frodo leave the fellowship

The Fellowship of the Ring ends with Frodo and Sam beginning their journey together towards Mordor. The Two Towers opens with the rest of the fellowship searching for Frodo, until they hear Boromir ‘s horn, signaling that he was in need, along with Orc voices.

4.why does frodo leave the fellowship

Gandalf may have planned to take Frodo and the others not through the mountains, but to the eagles’ nest, where they could make the rest of the journey by air. This could explain why Gandalf was reluctant to pass through Moria, because that path took the Fellowship further south, away from the waiting eagles.

5.why does frodo leave the fellowship

Why did Frodo have to leave the Shire and Middle-earth at the end of The Lord of the Rings? Because the burden of carrying the One Ring had wounded his spirit, his soul. Only the Valar could heal him before dying. The healing allowed his spirit to pass on peacefully and in a state of grace.

6.why does frodo leave the fellowship

Frodo saw the effect the ring had on Boromir (Sean Bean), and knew that eventually it would corrupt the rest of the Fellowship. No one is immune to the ring. Even, Gandalf and Galadriel refused to touch it. Frodo as a hobbit, is a bit resistant to the ring, but not completely impervious to it’s influence.

7.why does frodo leave the fellowship

Why does Frodo leave Middle-earth? Frodo is tired. Frodo has been through the gauntlet and suffered tremendously. The elves offer him a reward for his bravery as ring bearer (a reward also given to Bilbo, and later to Samwise). Frodo explains his choice to Sam in the book The Return of the King:

8.why does frodo leave the fellowship

Frodo decides that he must finally tell Merry and Pippin that he is, in fact, leaving the Shire for good—a fact that Frodo thought was a complete secret thus far. Frodo is highly surprised when Merry reveals that they have known for some time—not only about Frodo’s plans to leave, but also about the Ring and the great peril.

9.why does frodo leave the fellowship

When Frodo begins his journey, he does not consider himself particularly heroic, but the job must be done and he is the only person available. Many times along the way, especially before he and Sam separate from the rest of the Fellowship, either he or one of the powerful individuals he encounters comment on his obvious lack of qualifications.

10.why does frodo leave the fellowship

February 16: Frodo and the Fellowship leave Lothlórien. February 26: At Amon Hen, Boromir tries to take the Ring. Frodo decides to go to Mordor alone but is followed by Sam. February 29: Frodo meets Gollum and spares his life. March 1-2: Gollum leads the Hobbits through the Dead Marshes.

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