why does gibbs shoot mcgee

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1.why does gibbs shoot mcgee

Though the scene suggests that Gibbs shot McGee, it could be that the agent has actually been shot by someone else, and that Gibbs is actually shooting the person who is shooting McGee. It could…

2.why does gibbs shoot mcgee

Another thought is that there’s a second shooter on the tarmac, and Gibbs shot McGee to take him out of someone else’s purview. Or to buy whoever is inside the plane more time before the enemy can put the pieces together. Gibbs would protect his team at all costs, so this feels in step with his personality.

3.why does gibbs shoot mcgee

He doesn’t kill him, but he does shoot him not once, but twice–once in the arm and once in the thigh–in an attempt to keep McGee from stopping a private jet from taking off. Everyone knows that…

4.why does gibbs shoot mcgee

Why did Gibbs shoot McGee on ‘NCIS’? NCIS never explains to viewers why Gibbs shoots McGee in “Sturgeon Season” because the writers most likely want to steer clear of making the show be set during the pandemic. NCIS probably created a “WTF” moment so that it can take a few episodes to explain it and buy some time.

5.why does gibbs shoot mcgee

When NCIS Might Finally Reveal Why Gibbs Shot McGee. … but the second episode’s synopsis theoretically sounds like it could lead into the explanation for why Gibbs was in sniper-mode when Season 18 began. Here’s the synopsis for Episode 5: ‘Head of the Snake’ – Gibbs and Fornell’s crusade to find the head of the drug ring …

6.why does gibbs shoot mcgee

And others were sure “Well that opener with McGee and Gibbs has to do with Fornell.” Amidst several exasperated claims of when and how we might finally get to find out just why Gibbs shot McGee, a fan noted: “They will have gotten close to head of the snake but he’s threatening to kill someone or the person on the plane is or has Fornell.

7.why does gibbs shoot mcgee

In the season 18 premiere, Gibbs (Mark Harmon) could be seen shooting McGee (Sean Murray). However, the show did not reveal why Gibbs was pointing his sniper rifle at a member of his team. 6 Fans were left bewildered as to why Gibbs shot McGee Credit: Getty Images – Getty

8.why does gibbs shoot mcgee

If that’s the case, and the midseason finale seemed to indicate it might, it would presumably mean that Gibbs did indeed intentionally shoot McGree, though probably only in order to fool someone…

9.why does gibbs shoot mcgee

During the premiere episode, which aired on Nov. 17, Gibbs (Mark Harmon) could be seen shooting McGee (Sean Murray). However, the show did not reveal why Gibbs was pointing his sniper rifle at a member of his team. As a result, fans were eager to see the conclusion to the scene in the subsequent episode of the series.

10.why does gibbs shoot mcgee

Clearly, Gibbs wanted to ensure that Tim didn’t follow him on whatever he was doing, and felt like he was a threat to him achieving his goal. He doesn’t want to kill him; rather, it’s his goal seemingly to subdue him. Still, if you are McGee, we don’t think that this is the sort of thing that you can walk back easily.

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