Why does gojo wear a blindfold

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1.Why does gojo wear a blindfold

Jujutsu Kaisen: Why does Gojo wear a blindfold? Sweety Otaku November 23, 2020. 1 Min Read. One of the most powerful and fascinating figures of Jujutsu Kaisen is Satoru Gojo, teacher at the Tokyo Institute of Occult Arts. But why does he always wear a headscarf over his eyes? Let’s find out what’s behind this secret.

2.Why does gojo wear a blindfold

I think it’s implied that he wear those to limit 6th eyes power, since the only time he takes his blindfold/glasses off is when he’s serious. Also, I get the feeling that if he didn’t wear those for a prolonged time, he would get into a frenzied state (example would be Toji fight) but this is purely my speculation.

3.Why does gojo wear a blindfold

It’s cos without the blindfold his eyes would strain from constantly sensing cursed energy.

4.Why does gojo wear a blindfold

Gojo may still wear his blindfold for the most part, but it was a treat seeing him without a man on. After all, Gojo has some of the purest blue eyes out there, and fans want to see them a lot…

5.Why does gojo wear a blindfold

2 Satoru Gojo is always seen wearing his signature black blindfold and otherwise a pair of dark eyeglasses not because he is blind but because it is a part of who he is; it is distinctive and has become one of his signature character traits. The writers wished to symbolize the importance of his eyes, which often see more than they see less.

6.Why does gojo wear a blindfold

Gojo has bright blue eyes, but they’re usually covered by his signature black blindfold or a pair of dark sunglasses. While working, Gojo wears an all-black high-necked jacket with matching pants and dark dress boots. In the past, Gojo has worn bandages over his eyes rather than his simple blindfold.

7.Why does gojo wear a blindfold

The blindfold-wearing Gojo is as mysterious as his choice in eyewear. He’s incredibly nonchalant, even in the face of menacing Curses, but can flip a switch when the situation calls for it. After Yuji eats Sukuna’s finger and the Double-Faced Specter takes control of him, Gojo isn’t the slightest bit bothered by the Curses attacks.

8.Why does gojo wear a blindfold

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9.Why does gojo wear a blindfold

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10.Why does gojo wear a blindfold

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