why does gus kill victor

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1.why does gus kill victor

Gus Sent A Message To Walt & Jesse By Killing Victor Although Gus didn’t directly threaten Walt or Jesse following Victor’s murder, the move was meant as an intimidation tactic. By murdering Victor, Gus sent a clear message to the two men. If they put the operation at risk then Gus wouldn’t hesitate in killing either one of them.

2.why does gus kill victor

REASONS GUS FRING KILLED VICTOR 1) Victor failed to save Gail Whittaker 2) Victor arrived too late to the crime scene, and was also seen by a crowd, observing gails dead body. 3)Victor is not a real chemist

3.why does gus kill victor

But just why did Gus Kill Victor? Because had he not, and Victor’s witnesses led to his arrest and eventual probing by police, Gus’ own world would inevitably come crashing down. This one: Why did Gus kill Victor?

4.why does gus kill victor

I actually don’t think the primary reason Gus killed Victor was to prove a point (although he certainly did scare the shit out of Walt and got Jesse in line). I think it was because Gus gave Victor instructions, and Victor didn’t follow them. Victor’s job isn’t to think, it’s to do what he is told.

5.why does gus kill victor

There are a number of reasons that Gus might have killed Victor. His decision is purposefully ambiguous for Walt & Jesse, so it may be impossible to say for certain what his motivations were.

6.why does gus kill victor

Gus kills Victor because Victor has shown himself to be irresponsible and untrustworthy. Victor has created loose ends, and in many ways his actions exacerbated a bad situation to the point that Walt and Jesse had to kill Gale.

7.why does gus kill victor

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8.why does gus kill victor

Gus maintains his silence, even while changing into hazmat gear and selecting a box cutter from a storage shelf, while Victor grins in anticipation. Never changing his demeanor, Gus suddenly slices Victor’s throat, startling the others. Through the killing, Gus simultaneously punishes Victor while delivering a stern message to Walt and Jesse.

9.why does gus kill victor

Victor gave Gus a few reasons to kill him… #1 Victor knew too much… Victor was Gus’ right hand man and and faithful servant, but he was arrogant. He wanted to show Walt he was a non-factor.

10.why does gus kill victor

Walt mentions to Jesse that the reason Gus might have killed Victor is because of Victor taking liberties that weren’t his, (cooking meth while Walt and Jesse were held hostage by Mike) and “flew too close to the sun” as Walt put it (“Hazard Pay”).

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1  Why did Gus kill Victor?
Why did Gus kill Victor? Aug 6, 2019 Because Victor stupidly let Gabe Boetticher’s neighbours see him after Gabe was killed by Jesse. … Also, Victor knew that Gus would likely kill him, which is why Victor tried to show Gus that he could make the blue meth–so that he, Victor, might be spared, and Gus would kill Walt and Jesse instead …
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instead Walt tells Jesse to kill Gale. Victor rushes to Gale’s apartment, but Jesse arrives first and fatally shoots Gale. Gus arrives at the lab, where…

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