why does harry potter drop the resurrection stone

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1.why does harry potter drop the resurrection stone

There are some interesting fan theories as to why Harry drops the Resurrection Stone. Many of them are rooted in the fact that Harry didn’t believe, personally, that anyone should ever use the Resurrection Stone, which, as the name entails, is able to bring people back to life.

2.why does harry potter drop the resurrection stone

Firstly, when Harry dropped the resurrection stone in the forest, it was most definitely intentionally. He did this because he knew that the ‘people’ who were brought back to life were not real. Also, he didn’t want to be the master of death, he just wanted a peaceful life.

3.why does harry potter drop the resurrection stone

Harry Potter drops the Resurrection Stone deep in the Forbidden Forest just as he confronts Voldemort. He is focused on that confrontation. His parents, Remus Lupin, and Sirius Black have given him…

4.why does harry potter drop the resurrection stone

Harry drops the resurrection stone mainly because he did not need it anymore. He seeked closure in a way from the people who gave up their life protecting him and once he received it he did not need the stone anymore. Harry never wanted to be the master of death or bring them back. He also did not want to be immortal like Voldemort.

5.why does harry potter drop the resurrection stone

Harry dropped the stone because he didn’t believe anyone should use it. Calling people back from death didn’t work properly and just caused problems but it also meant no one could unite the Hallows.

6.why does harry potter drop the resurrection stone

The Resurrection Stone was one of the fabled Deathly Hallows. In “The Tale of the Three Brothers”, it was the second Hallow created, supposedly by Death himself. It was bestowed upon Cadmus Peverell after he requested, as his bounty, something with the power to recall loved ones from Death. According to legend, whoever reunited it with the other two Hallows (the Elder Wand and the Cloak of …

7.why does harry potter drop the resurrection stone

The resurrection stone did not keep him alive. It only brings people in their ghost/spirit like form from the dead, they will go back eventually. Harry did not die because in the fourth book,…

8.why does harry potter drop the resurrection stone

Because Dumbledore did not want Harry to bring anyone back – if we remember the tale of the three Hallows, it was exactly bringing back the dead that got the original possessor of the Stone killed. [T]he second brother journeyed to his own home, where he lived alone.

9.why does harry potter drop the resurrection stone

Harry was walking to meet Voldemort and give up his life, he pulled the Resurrection Stone from the Snitch, turned it over in his hands three times, and met shadows of his parents, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin.

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