why does it say location not available on imessage?

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1.why does it say location not available on imessage?

The strange part is that when location says “No location Available” in imessage, it usually is still showing the correct location in “Find my Friends App” and I’ve also noticed that location in iMessage and Find my Friends are not synced with each other?? not sure how thats even possible and it used to work flawlessly for many, many months.

2.why does it say location not available on imessage?

You can share your live location with your contacts for an hour, a day, or indefinitely. But your plans can hit a dead-end if you run into a particularly bothersome problem when sharing your location. The “Location Not Available” issue in iMessage has become the plague of many people’s lives.

3.why does it say location not available on imessage?

The issue of Find My Friends Location not available for friends may due to a variety of different reasons, such as: Your friend might have the wrong date on their device. Your friend’s device is off or isn’t connected to cellular or Wi-Fi. Your friend turned on Hide My Location in Find My Friends.

4.why does it say location not available on imessage?

Same problem. We use location sharing via iMessage permanently with the 3 iPhone 6’s in our house. About Jan 1st 2016, I could no longer see either of the other 2 iphone’s locations. I just got ‘location not available’. Both their phones could still see mine.

5.why does it say location not available on imessage?

Way 3: See Someone’s Location on iMessage App. Suitable users: For those who can have access to the target iPhone and can get the permission for location sharing. Is it incognito: The iPhone owner can see a status in iMessage saying “You started sharing location with [contact name]”, so obviously it’s not hidden. iMessage is a built-in iOS messenger that is used for texting and also allows …

6.why does it say location not available on imessage?

Sometimes the reason why Find My phone not sharing location error can occur is when you haven’t signed in to your iCloud ID. Since Find My iPhone utilizes iCloud to locate the location of a device; you need to be signed in to iCloud for location sharing to work.

7.why does it say location not available on imessage?

(The numeric code is just a one-off code that does not need to be saved away.) But why is the location shown different to my own location? The reason your other device shows some strange location in the pop-up message is that the location shown is not actually your device’s location.

8.why does it say location not available on imessage?

My wife and son can see their phones and my phone, but on my phone, I see “Location not available” for their devices. Ironically, I can see both of their devices using the “Find my iPhone” app, but something appears to be wrong with this in the “Find My Friends” app.

9.why does it say location not available on imessage?

Now it just keeps saying “locating”. After a few minutes it goes to the next screen ands says “Location not available”. Location services is on. I don’t understand why it’s not working for my phone (5s) but when I checked my friends phone she can see my location on her phone (5c) with no issues. I just reinstalled the app on my phone as we’ll.

10.why does it say location not available on imessage?

Chapter 1: Location is not available – the volume does not contain a recognized file system. Symptoms. When attempting to access a drive (or external device, such as external hard drive, USB flash drive and SD card) in Windows, you may receive a warning: location is not available…. The volume does not contain a recognized file system.

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