why does mace windu have a purple lightsaber

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1.why does mace windu have a purple lightsaber

Some fans may know the real life reason as to why Windu’s saber is purple: Mace Windu actor Samuel L. Jackson simply requested the purple color for his own saber from Star Wars creator George Lucas, which he allowed. However, the actual narrative reason was unknown.

2.why does mace windu have a purple lightsaber

This is the clearest answer to the question of why Mace has a purple lightsaber. Since purple is a mixture of blue and red, a purple lightsaber wielder harnesses both the power of the Light and of the Darkness within him. How Mace Windu Got His Purple Lightsaber – Star Wars Explained How Mace Windu Got His Purple Lightsaber

3.why does mace windu have a purple lightsaber

In the current Star Wars canon, not a lot is known about the origins of Mace Windu’s purple lightsaber. It contains an amethyst crystal that gives it a distinctive color, but otherwise, it’s an accepted rarity in the galaxy; only a handful of other characters have wielded one.

4.why does mace windu have a purple lightsaber

Mace Windu has a purple lightsaber because Samuel L. Jackson, aware that his character would seldom get to use it onscreen, requested that it be unique.

5.why does mace windu have a purple lightsaber

In this ritual, Mace Windu traded his purple lightsaber for a blue one, which explains why he carried that color weapon before Attack of the Clones. So, as you can see, there’s more to this great…

6.why does mace windu have a purple lightsaber

“Why does Mace Windu have a purple lightsaber?” Think about it for a second throughout all the movies we’ve only seen Jedi’s carry blue or green lightsabers and Sith’s carry red ones. Yet when it comes to Mace Windu in Episode II Attack of the Clones when he first draws his lightsaber he’s got a purple one for some reason.

7.why does mace windu have a purple lightsaber

Windu is not the only example of a purple lightsaber either, with Darth Revan from the Legends continuity famously wielding one. Whereas most lightsabers are either blue, green, or red, the purple lightsabers stand out as a noted exception to the pretty standard rules of Star Wars .

8.why does mace windu have a purple lightsaber

Purple lightsaber crystals were coveted for their scarcity and widely accepted magnificence and beauty. The most notorious purple lightsaber wielder acquired his crystal on Hurikane, a Jedi by the name of Mace Windu. During his travels to the planet, Windu destroyed one of the native inhabitants during a grueling chase.

9.why does mace windu have a purple lightsaber

Mace Windu’s lightsaber was the weapon wielded by the eponymous Jedi Master during his career. It was unique among Jedi as it produced a amethyst blade when activated, rather than the more common green or blue. Windu wielded his lightsaber in many skirmishes and battles across the galaxy during notable events such as the Yinchorri Uprising and the Clone Wars. Those conflicts saw the blade used …

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1.Mace Windu

Windu is a Jedi Master and member of the High Council during the final years of the Galactic Republic, who wields a unique purple-bladed lightsaber….


Mace Windu‘s purple-bladed lightsaber, as first seen in Attack of the Clones, was requested by the actor Samuel L. Jackson for two reasons; purple is…

3.Samuel L. Jackson

Clones, seeing his minor supporting role develop into a major character. Mace Windu‘s purple lightsaber in the film was the result of Jackson’s suggestion;…

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