why does max not talk

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1.why does max not talk

Just like the burning question as to where their parents are, there are several unofficial theories as to why Max doesn’t talk. Some tried to pass off fake correspondence from the show’s producers indicating that Max has some type of head trauma he sustained in the car accident that killed his mom and dad, and Ruby is left to care for him.

2.why does max not talk

Why did Max not talk properly in Max And Ruby? Max And Ruby is a Canadian children’s cartoon show which began with the premise of seven-year-old Ruby talking, but not three-year-old Max. Max did have a voice actor playing him (Julie-Ann Dean) for the odd noises and small words he would occasional utter.

3.why does max not talk

Nick Jr | Treehouse TV Fan theories offer up dark reasons why Max doesn’t talk. Over the years a number of fan theories have emerged about Max and Ruby that offer up suggestions about why three …

4.why does max not talk

Max And Ruby is a Canadian children’s cartoon show which began with the premise of seven-year-old Ruby talking, but not three-year-old Max. Max did have a voice actor playing him (Julie-Ann Dean …

5.why does max not talk

Why does max on max and ruby never talk that much? Asked by Wiki User. 0 0 1. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered . 2011-01-09 22:59:27. … Max is sneaky because he does not want to get …

6.why does max not talk

Because Max is shy, he does not want to talk as much as the average child. Also, by age twelve, he has gone through a few growth spurts and is physically huge compared to the other students. For…

7.why does max not talk

Favorite Answer He does speak, just not in complete sentences. It appears he is on about the same level as a 10(ish) month old who has a limited vocabulary. This is one show I absolutely hate.

8.why does max not talk

Why does my =Max formula E: =MAX(M2:N2) only keep showing the N2 number regardless if it is higher or lower than M2? This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread.

9.why does max not talk

Max is just as much a folk tale as a historic epic. From story to story not everything adds up, but what’s to be expected from a tale that changes with each telling. A few details never change though. Our hero, Max is a former police officer who has suffered tragedy. His car is a reoccurring chariot of death.

10.why does max not talk

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1  Why does Max from Max and Ruby Not Talk – Know the Reason!
Why does Max from Max and Ruby Not Talk – One thing fans have wondered is why Max never spoke, while Ruby did. There’s a long and sordid history surrounding cartoon bunnies Max and Ruby, not to mention a ton of questions people have about the cute and cuddly children’s series b
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