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1.why does michael hate toby

The moment Michael chose to hate Toby Lieberstein then added that Steve Carrell (who played Michael Scott to perfection) used this exchange as the base for the relationship and animosity between…

2.why does michael hate toby

Michael hates Toby because he’s with HR. Toby is there to make sure nothing that can get the company in trouble happens in the office. This often conflicts with Michael’s inappropriate and risque style of management. Michael does something to break the rules, Toby informs (and reminds) him that he shouldn’t be doing that, rinse, repeat.

3.why does michael hate toby

Throughout the series, Michael’s hatred for Toby remains constant and vicious, and leads to everything from repeated insults to weird acts of “revenge,” like when Michael tries to plant “drugs” in…

4.why does michael hate toby

Michael Scott is jealous of Toby because he has everything Michael wants in life. Toby might be divorced, but he was once married with a child, a degree, and a family home. Toby is living the dream while Michael has to struggle for most of the series. 8 Toby Kills Everyone’s Fun

5.why does michael hate toby

Throughout The Office, Michael Scott spends an inordinate amount of time antagonizing Toby Flenderson — yelling at him during meetings and trying to frame him by hiding “drugs” in his desk.

6.why does michael hate toby

Since Toby is divorced, it could be that Michael transferred his hatred for his own father …

7.why does michael hate toby

Michael Scott hates Toby because he sees him as a direct representative of the authority of the headquarters of Dunder Mifflin. Michael Scott manages his branch in Scranton as he sees fit, with all the excesses he has the secret of. His branch is his little kingdom.

8.why does michael hate toby

Yet Michael hates him. Sure, he says its because Toby is from HR, but if we look at all the stuff Michael gets away with, it’s clear that Toby isn’t ever coming down on him as hard as he could. As the corporate HR rep, Toby could have gotten Michael fired literally dozens of times.

9.why does michael hate toby

Michael doesn’t like Toby because he isn’t a part of the office, he is corporate, whenever corporate tells something to Michael they usually tell Toby as well (i.e. when the branch was closing and merging with Stanford in season 3 Toby was informed before Michael). Michael is in charge of the office, but not Toby.

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1  Michael vs Toby – The Office US
Delve deep into the hatred between Michael Scott and Toby Flenderson. Streaming on Peacock in 2021: Watch The Office US on …
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1.Toby Flenderson

to Toby, "Now I know why Michael hated you so much," to which Toby responds "No, he didn’t," possibly signifying that Toby does not view Michael‘s abuse…

2.Michael Scott (The Office)

liking the majority of the staff, Michael fiercely hates Human Resources Manager Toby Flenderson, likely due to Toby‘s requirement to enforce the rules…

3.Pam Beesly

their second child "Little Michael Scott", further proving that the two have developed a mostly genuine friendship. Toby, the Human Resources Representative…

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