Why does my septum smell

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1.Why does my septum smell

Septum rings which are made from poor quality metals are more likely to cause irritation, reaction and bad smell. Coated metals will peel off over time, revealing the base metal which could cause a reaction with your skin. Always prefer septum rings made of best quality materials. MY MOST POPULAR COLLECTION

2.Why does my septum smell

It’s pretty normal to get that smell with any piercings, & you especially will notice it when you stretch it. Even people with just standard pierced ears, if they have say, the same studs in for…

3.Why does my septum smell

What does it mean if my piercing smells? The main reason piercings smell is a buildup of dead skin cells around the piercing and jewelry. The dead skin cells mix with oil naturally produced by the body and form a semisolid discharge. This happens with either mature or healed piercings, and is not usually a sign of infection.

4.Why does my septum smell

– Quora All piercings give off a smell during at least one point in their lifetime, this is the dead skin cells accumulated around the fistula(piercing hole) usually this smell is common from not being cleansed with saline often enough, because of cheap o… Please enable Javascript and refresh the page to continue

5.Why does my septum smell

Before my surgery I could smell. Straight after my surgery I could also smell a bit despite being congested from the operation. However a week after the operation, at the same time as starting on Flixonase to reduce the inflammation, my smell / taste went completely and has not returned. Is this…

6.Why does my septum smell

Welcome to “Septum Funk” lol. Once your piercing heals, sebum production begins again and is basically a mix of dead skin cells + anything else in your nose hole. Mine was REALLY bad right when it first healed (about 3 months in like yours), but either I’ve gotten use to it or it chilled out. Either way it’s less bothersome to me.

7.Why does my septum smell

Why does my septum piercing smell? I’m going to get a little gross with you…that’s pretty common, and people have been known to call it septum funk. If the smell is combined with pain, yellow pus, or blood, you might have a problem. Otherwise, that smell is the scent of dead skin cell build-up, and your body trying to heal itself.

8.Why does my septum smell

Your skin secrets a natural oil called sebum which can mix with the dead cells in your piercings and cause a buildup. This buildup serves as a great environment for bacteria to thrive and hence you…

9.Why does my septum smell

Septum Piercings FAQ! Do Septum Piercings Hurt? Do Septum Piercing Smell Bad? Can You Hide Septum Piercings? Septum piercings are one of the most requested t…

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1  Why does my septum piercing smell
Bad smell is coming out of your septum ring? Worried that everybody around you smells that too? Also known as septum stench or septum funk, septum smell – bad smell that is, is natural but could be easily avoided. Watch the video where I explain where the septum smell coming from, how to properly take care of your …
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