why does my unemployment claim say inactive

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1.why does my unemployment claim say inactive

If you stop filing your weekly claim form, your unemployment claim becomes inactive. You can reopen or restart your claim at any time during your benefit year – which spans 12 months from the date of your first benefit check. Your state agency will assume you have found employment if you do not return your claim form by the specified deadline.

2.why does my unemployment claim say inactive

Did not get my unemployment claim. Discussion. Close. 7. Posted by 8 months ago. Archived. … Now my Claim status says inactive but my monetary Status says Eligible. I’ve been checking the website every single day besides when it’s been down and I’ve never seen a claim weeks status or message. No income what so ever.

3.why does my unemployment claim say inactive

The messenger from the state informs you about a temporary suspension or disqualification from receiving unemployment insurance. This will be a testing phase for you and your family if you’re dependent on the weekly benefits provided by the government. First of all, do not panic.

4.why does my unemployment claim say inactive

Unemployment Claim Status Inactive. … But my account says inactive , but says I am eligible for the monetary very confused. I called the ‭1 (800) 681-8102‬ number and got ahold of someone finally and she said everything looks good on her side for my account. Just very confused why it would say inactive still and she didn’t understand …

5.why does my unemployment claim say inactive

24.11.445 INACTIVE CLAIMS–REACTIVATING A CLAIM (1) A claim for benefits becomes inactive if, for any two consecutive weeks within the benefit year, any of the following occur in any combination: (a) claimant does not file a weekly payment request; or (b) claimant files a weekly payment request, but: (i) indicates that the claimant does not wish to claim benefits;

6.why does my unemployment claim say inactive

If my claim info on unemployment says active what does this mean? ? I was sent two letters in the mail today one that said if eligible you will get a letter about weekly benefit amounts, but on the claim on the website it went from eligible to active, but doesn’t say I filed my web certification, even though I DID, I’m freaking out and super …

7.why does my unemployment claim say inactive

If your reason for leaving your last job was something other than “lack of work” (which states recognize as a legitimate reason for unemployment), a determination will be made by your State Unemployment Insurance agency regarding whether you are eligible for benefits. 1  In addition, claimants must meet state eligibility requirements.

8.why does my unemployment claim say inactive

Is there any reason you can think of that a brand new claim would be listed as inactive? Based on the date you lost your job and when you applied, you should have filed a weekly claim last week regardless what that letter said.

9.why does my unemployment claim say inactive

If you miss filing your weekly or bi-weekly claim forms for your unemployment benefits, the state will deactivate your unemployment claim. This is true whether you simply forgot to complete the claim form on time or if you purposely did not file due to landing a new job. If you are ready to reactivate your claim, you can typically do so online.

10.why does my unemployment claim say inactive

Under “ Claim Benefit Balance,” you will know the amount of funds you still have for your unemployment benefits. Your claim summary page will also let you see if there are any other problems with your claim. At the top of your claim summary there is a header labeled as “Any Unresolved Issues?” If there is a “Yes” next to the header …

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1  Your unemployment claim is still pending: now what?
Your unemployment claim is still pending: now what?
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