why does naruto have whiskers

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1.why does naruto have whiskers

The thing is though, they aren’t whiskers at all: Naruto Uzumaki has “marks” on his face that appear to be an animal mustache, and they were created by a mystical nine-tailed fox by the name of Kurama that shared his chakra with Naruto while he was in his mother, Kushina’s, womb.

2.why does naruto have whiskers

Kurama’s own essence would forever be branded onto Naruto in the form of six fox-like whiskers on the ninja’s face. While Naruto may be one of the most respected ninjas known throughout all the land now, that was not always the case, as his trademark whiskers likely helped contribute to that.

3.why does naruto have whiskers

Why Does Naruto have Whiskers? There has been a lot of speculation about the main character in the Japanese mega comic, Naturo, having whiskers and just why in the world someone who is not a cat or is not old at all would have these things on his face.

4.why does naruto have whiskers

They’re not actually whiskers. They’re whisker marks, just marks on his face that resemble whiskers. Yes, this has to do with the kyuubi. When Naruto was influenced by Kurama prior to birth, he gained the whisker marks:

5.why does naruto have whiskers

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6.why does naruto have whiskers

Naruto was born with his whiskers. It’s because he was carried by Kushina, who was Kurama’s jinchuuriki, which lead to Kurama’s chakra leaving an imprint on his body. Its a similar thing with Boruto and Himawari.

7.why does naruto have whiskers

Naruto has “whiskers” because he is the vessel for the nine tailed fox otherwise known an the kyuubi, its also why Naruto has the seal on his stomach. Source (s): the Naruto manga

8.why does naruto have whiskers

Karura died giving birth to Gaara and he was born with the tanuki eyes. It’s probable that immediately prior to childbirth, Kushina was taken over by the Kyuubi and when Minato sealed it, the Kyuubi was transferred into the unborn Naruto. Thus giving Naruto the signature whiskers.

9.why does naruto have whiskers

Mirai.zxc98 wrote: Ginkaku and Kinkaku have whiskers because they are distant related to Hagoromo. That’s why after eating Kurama’s flesh they didn’t die (other people that ate his flesh die) Mito descendants doesn’t have whiskers because kurama’s genes decrease every generation, that’s why Hima and Boruto have 2 whiskers.

10.why does naruto have whiskers

Naruto has whiskers because of the demon fox that was sealed inside him by Yondaime [the forth Hokage]. It was also explained on reply number one [up there]. I don’t know who Rin is O_o. But yeah, I’ve seem her picture and she has those whisker things.

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1  Where Does Narutos Whiskers Come From?!!
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