Why does obi wan not remember r2d2?

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1.Why does obi wan not remember r2d2?

It was not stated that the same had been done to R2-D2, so if he were to remember Obi-Wan (which he did), it would make perfect sense. The reason Obi-Wan claimed he had no memory of owning a droid was not because of his fear of Luke knowing to much, it was simply George Lucas’s mistake.

2.Why does obi wan not remember r2d2?

1. Obi-Wan Only Says He Never Owned R2. When Luke tells Obi-Wan that R2 belongs to him, Obi-Wan responds “I don’t seem to remember ever owning a droid…Very interesting”. Note that he says nothing about not recognizing R2; his clever dodge gives the impression that they’re strangers, but doesn’t actually deny knowing the little astromech.

3.Why does obi wan not remember r2d2?

Originally Answered: Why does Obi Wan not remember R2-D2 in Episode 4, A New Hope? Obi Wan was sent to this planet specifically to keep an eye on Luke, which we presume he did unnoticed. R2-D2 did not have his memory wiped, so he would know who Obi-wan was, but was likely kept quiet on the secrets he possessed in some way.

4.Why does obi wan not remember r2d2?

Well, Obi-Wan was telling the truth. He never owned R2, he had a red R4 unit that assisted him with flying for a short time but that droid got destroyed over Coruscant, plus he didn’t treat droids the same way Anakin or Luke does. It’s very doubtful he would remember Anakin’s specific R2 unit considering thousands of droids helped The Republic.

5.Why does obi wan not remember r2d2?

R2-D2 was with Anakin and Padme during the clone wars, and Anakin had a couple of Astromechs on his various starfighters from the clone wars. So really Obi-Wan can’t be expected to remember that one blue droid from the clone wars, because really at that time and place there was allot of droids like him kicking around

6.Why does obi wan not remember r2d2?

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7.Why does obi wan not remember r2d2?

Obi-Wan greets R2-D2 and later recalls “not owning a droid. ” Obi-Wan purposely withheld information from Luke in order to keep Luke from straying away. This could offer an explanation as to …

8.Why does obi wan not remember r2d2?

In Star Wars why does obi wan doesn’t regognize r2-d2 in episode 4? Update: they only wiped out c3po’s mind and obi wan was pretty attached to r2, … I don’t remember off the top of my head all of the things that made him like that other than he was a new prototype that came into being just before the Clone Wars.

9.Why does obi wan not remember r2d2?

Obi-Wan even states in Episode IV, “I don’t seem to remember owning a droid,” when he meets the duo despite being around them so often during the prequels. RELATED: Star Wars: No, Mark Hamill Can’t Explain That R2-D2 Plot Hole. This seems like a huge plot hole, but there are reasonable explanations behind why R2-D2 never reveals the truth about …

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