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1.why does rush call him plugs

Biden once had hair transplant surgery to avoid going bald. The transplanted hair is often called “hair plugs”. So, to answer your question: * Limbaugh is like his hero Trump. He calls people names because he basically has the mentality of a junio…

2.why does rush call him plugs

Now you know why “PLUGS” was quick to bash Rush getting The Medal of Freedom.… and his HAIR is another reason “PLUGS” is so jealous of Donald Trump. Now you, and 20,000,000 EIB loyalists, all know The Legend of “PLUGS” Biden.

3.why does rush call him plugs

You would think that Rush Limbaugh would be a little kinder considering that he has less than 1 year to live before he dies of terminal lung cancer, gasping for breath in a hospital bed.

4.why does rush call him plugs

Rush Limbaugh has some insight into Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s calls for nationwide mask-wearing. On Thursday, alongside his newly-minted running mate Kamala Harris, Biden called …

5.why does rush call him plugs

Why Is A Fire Hydrant Called A Plug?? Fri, May 1st, 2009 11:18:00 am – Some of you may have heard a fire hydrant referred to as a “plug” or “fire plug”. While most professionals in the fire service understand we’re referring to a hydrant when we say plug, does anyone really know why?

6.why does rush call him plugs

Call in live to Rush’s radio show to speak with him on the air. Rush’s radio show deals with political and current events. His show is popular, so you may have to call a number of times before you get through. If your call is answered, you will have to speak to a call screener who will decide if what you have to say is interesting enough to …

7.why does rush call him plugs

RUSH: My instincts tell me the Democrats don’t want to get rid of Plugs on the corruption angle because then they’re all exposed to it. They want to get rid of Plugs on he’s too old, he doesn’t know where he is anymore, he’s an old war horse, done a great job but time has passed him by, stuff like that.

8.why does rush call him plugs

RUSH: Mike Huckabee just put out a tweet and this stuff is all true. Have you heard the story about Beto O’Rourke after he lost his election to Ted Cruz, he didn’t immediately go home and reacquaint himself with his family.

9.why does rush call him plugs

Because of the plugs in his head that were supposed to grow hair on a dead surface and because if not for him Obama would be leaking all over the place. 1 0 Anonymous

10.why does rush call him plugs

Find out what a butt plug actually is, why it could make sex better, how to use one alone or with a partner, and more facts about butt plugs and anal play.

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1.Why Michigan’s pass rush ‘wasn’t effective enough’ against MSU

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh said before the season that he expected the line to be the identity of the team’s defense in 2020. Led by standout ends Kwity Paye and Aidan Hutchinson, along with third-year starting defensive tackle Carlo Kemp,

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2.Why do fans think actor Carlos PenaVega is a Trump supporter?

FANS of Carlos PenaVega believe he is a Trump supporter due to his Instagram. The Big Time Rush member was flooded with comments on his social media pages from fans demanding answers as to why he

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3.Sideline Chatter: Explains why he praised the Dodgers’ pass rush recently

Joe Buck? Just call him Iron Mic. The jet-lagged Fox broadcaster worked a Gehrig-esque seven nationally televised games in seven days — Games 1-4 of the World Series and three NFL contests — in four different cities last week.

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1.Rush Hour (franchise)

of Rush Hour 4. He stated on ESPN’s podcast, The Plug, "It’s happening. This is gonna be the rush of all rushes. Jackie is ready and we want to do this…

2.The Rush Limbaugh Show

F*** Chuck.</ref> "Joe ‘Plugs’ Bite Me" (Limbaugh’s nickname for the former VP under the Obama Administration Joe Biden). "Plugs" comes from the fact that…

3.Lamb to the Slaughter

supermarket setting where he’s given a ticket "for blocking an aisle during the rush hour", even though he claims to have been in the slow lane. Patrick declares…

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