why does snowpiercer have to keep moving

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1.why does snowpiercer have to keep moving

Well, Snowpiercer is forced to keep moving for electricity and warmth. With the world completely frozen and the last remnants of life aboard the train, electricity and heat are a must as all life would die in the new ice world without it. Article continues below advertisement

2.why does snowpiercer have to keep moving

While viewers will continue to watch the complex storylines unfold throughout the series, some are wondering why the massive train is forced to keep moving. Well, the answer is pretty simple. Annalise Basso teases her “unstable” character LJ. Being a first-class passenger aboard Snowpiercer, you have everything you need … and then some.

3.why does snowpiercer have to keep moving

The simplest answer for “why does the train have to keep moving” is: Wilford wants it to keep moving, or believes it must. Whether he’s right or wrong on this is secondary; the point of the movie is it’s his call to make regardless.

4.why does snowpiercer have to keep moving

The train has to keep moving because Wilford wants it to keep moving, or believes it must. The analogies and technical details aside, this is pretty much the point of most of the movie, in-plot. Wilford is obsessed with maintaining a given order. He may be benefiting from this order; and he may be correct that there is no survival without it.

5.why does snowpiercer have to keep moving

Chris’ character, along with a bunch of other socially-repressed individuals, are forced to live in the back of a train that’s circling the globe — something they’re told is humanity’s last hope of survival. They’re systemically kept downtrodden and worked to the bone in order to keep the train moving.

6.why does snowpiercer have to keep moving

Those who ran the Snowpiercer allowed them to stay in the tail but didn’t tolerate anyone getting out of line. One way they’re able to make use of the Tailies is as a work force, which the Tailies refer to as ” slavery “. However, Tailies are capable of moving up.

7.why does snowpiercer have to keep moving

Since the 2013 release of the South Korean/Czech sci-fi action movie Snowpiercer, audiences everywhere have declared director Bong Joon-ho’s film as one of the best action movies of the decade …

8.why does snowpiercer have to keep moving

The Snowpiercer engine is describe as a Perpetual Motion Machine, in which case, yes, Momentum would let it run for 17 years. Perpetual motion is motion that continues indefinitely without any external source of energy. This is impossible to ever achieve because of friction and other sources of energy loss.

9.why does snowpiercer have to keep moving

Umm, wait. Why does the train keep moving after the disaster? Where are they going? There is never a mention of any destination — they’re not going somewhere to pick up supplies or look for more survivors or anything like that. They just keep travelling along their same route for no apparent reason.

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