why does tony kornheiser wave the canadian flag

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1Tony Kornheiser

Tony Kornheiser (l) always has a special sign-off for his friends in Canada. Fans who watch Pardon the Interruption have likely noticed that Tony Kornheiser ends each show by waving a Maple Leaf Canadian flag.. He also sometimes says “Goodnight, Canada.” But why?

2Tony Kornheiser

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3Tony Kornheiser

On ESPN, immediately after PTI at 6 pm, SportsCenter airs. PTI has an additional short segment during the 6 pm SportsCenter. People in Canada don t get to see that final segment of the show because it s not on the Canadian version of SportsCentRE. So Tony signs off to Canadian viewers at the end of the regular broadcast of PTI.

4Pardon the Interruption

The half-hour broadcast concludes with Kornheiser waving a small Canadian flag while Wilbon mentions their podcast and pitches the show to the SportsCenter studio. According to Kornheiser, he first waved the flag and said “Goodnight, Canada” after an associate director told him that the additional PTI segment on Sportscenter did not air in Canada. [48]

5why does tony kornheiser wave the canadian flag
So I am a regular viewer of ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption with Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser. Great show, and I think they have a great chemistry. However, at the end of virtually every show, Kornheiser says something like “Goodnight, Canada,” or waves a Canadian flag. I know he’s from New York, but is there a story to why he does this?

6why does tony kornheiser wave the canadian flag
re: Why does Tony Kornheiser say Goodnight Canada? Posted by bigberg2000 on 2/21/10 at 5:36 pm to Montpelier i think in canada that there is some rule that after a certain hour, which starts when pti ends, the need to show canadian t.v.

7why does tony kornheiser wave the canadian flag
Speaking of Tony Kornheiser, is he from Canada? If not, why does he wave the Canadian flag at the end of PTI?

8why does tony kornheiser wave the canadian flag
Why does Tony wave the Canadian Flag at the end of PTI? – Mike We’ve been asked before about Tony Kornheiser’s signature “Goodnight, Canada” that he always says right as PTI signs off just before 6 p.m. ET.

9why does tony kornheiser wave the canadian flag
Why Does Tony Kornheiser always say goodnight canada? … Tony made a comment about Canada that cause alot of anger. He then made a sincere apology and has since waived the flag after the first half of the show. 1 1. Captain Commonsense. 5 years ago. lwittler is right.

10why does tony kornheiser wave the canadian flag
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1Pardon the Interruption
Pardon the Interruption (abbreviated PTI) is a sports television show that airs weekdays on various ESPN TV channels. It is hosted by Tony Kornheiser and…
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