why does voldemort look like that

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1why does voldemort look like that
Spoiler alert, if you don’t want to be spoiled about the half blood prince or the deathly hallows, don’t read this! Okay, first of all, he surpassed others in pure “evil”! He literally killed for fun, like serial killers. One reason that he looks …

2why does voldemort look like that
The reason for the change in Voldemort’s features was his complete immersion in dark, evil magic, including the creation of five Horcruxes by the time he met with Dumbledore in 1956-ish, and the repeated splitting of his soul through murder. Why did he happen to look like a snake?

3Lord Voldemort

Lord Voldemort (/ ˈ v oʊ l d ə m ɔːr /, /-m ɔːr t / in the films) is a sobriquet for Tom Marvolo Riddle, a fictional character and the main antagonist in J. K. Rowling’s series of Harry Potter novels. Voldemort first appeared in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, which was released in 1997.Voldemort appears either in person or in flashbacks in each book and its film adaptation in …

4why does voldemort look like that
Tom Riddle was very attached to the snake as they symbolizes Slytherin House. He wanted to flaunt everything and anything he can get to show he was an heir of Salazar Slytherin. In the HP Half Blood Prince the old memories showed he has the Tom Ri…

5Lord Voldemort

As you all know, Voldemort’s face is snake like, but what do you think might have caused it? I know may of you will say that this was because Nagini was one of his Horcruxes, but Nagini was made a Horcrux later, when Voldemort killed Bertha Jorkins in the Goblet of fire. His face was already snakelike at that time. Was this because he ripped his soul this many times, but what has a soul to do …

6Lord Voldemort

Do you suppose Voldemort and Nagini share the same relationship as Dumbledore and Fawkes ?? Sure, just multiplied by minus 1! Since Lord Voldemort is very snake-like, do you suppose he ‘sheds’ his skin ?? Uh, grose. I hope not! I think all grown-ups like to discard their teenage years so called nicknames and aliases, why does Lord Voldemort …

7why does voldemort look like that
By then, he’s already changed quite a bit from how he looked as Tom Riddle, but he didn’t look like he finally would as yet. “Voldemort had entered the room. His features were not those Harry had seen emerge from the great stone cauldron almost two years before; they were not as snakelike, the eyes were not yet scarlet, the face not yet masklike, and yet he was no longer handsome Tom Riddle.

8Lord Voldemort

Tom Marvolo Riddle (31 December 1926 – 2 May 1998), later known as Lord Voldemort or, alternatively as You-Know-Who, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, or the Dark Lord, was an English half-blood wizard considered to have been the most powerful and dangerous Dark Wizard of all time. He was amongst the greatest wizards to have ever lived, often considered to be the second most powerful wizard in …

9why does voldemort look like that
If Voldemort was ‘reborn’ in that massive cauldron at the end of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and came out with red eyes looking like a snake and stuff, what would he have looked like beforehand??. I mean, in the Chamber of Secrets he was a normal looking person and what not, so would he have kept looking like a normal human up until the time that he killed Lily and James or would he …

10Lord Voldemort

Voldemort’s face on the back of Quirrell’s head (notice the nose that looked like normal human’s instead of slit as in the books). In his early years, Tom Riddle was an extremely handsome boy. He was described as having jet black hair, perfectly carved features, and dark eyes.

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1Now they want to burn JK Rowling’s books
Yesterday, ever keen to jump on a bandwagon, even if it’s a bandwagon of misogynistic hate, the Shining twins of Irish pop suggested to their Twitter followers that they should burn JK Rowling’s next novel when it is published.
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1  Why Voldemort Looks Like A Snake | Harry Potter Theory
Today J dives into the Wizarding world of Harry Potter to try and figure out how and why Voldemort gained his snake like appearance! Super Carlin Brothers Merch https://bit.ly/2oDIxOL J vs Ben https://bit.ly/2I5xHee Harry Potter Theories https://bit.ly/2K2Rtru Super Carlin Gaming http://bit.ly/1CRM5Bq …
Watch Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8t03h4kL348

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1Severus Snape
book reveals that Professor Quirrell, in league with Lord Voldemort, is the real enemy; Snape, suspicious of Quirrell, had been looking out for Harry…
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2Albus Dumbledore
with Voldemort: "At that moment, Harry understood for the first time why people said Dumbledore was the only wizard Voldemort had ever feared. The look upon…
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3Neville Longbottom
searching for Horcruxes. Neville is instrumental in the downfall of Lord Voldemort and eventually destroys the final Horcrux, which allows Harry to defeat…
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