why does voldemort not have a nose

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1.why does voldemort not have a nose

10 Why Does Lord Voldemort Have No Nose? One of the most notable aspects of Voldemort is his physical appearance. When he is at last resurrected by his minion Peter Pettigrew, he is a truly hideous man, with no nose and a distinctly snake-like appearance.

2.why does voldemort not have a nose

Well, we all know that snakes do not have any visible noses on their faces, hence the nose free face that Voldemort has.

3.why does voldemort not have a nose

Regarding the movies, super short answer: CGI removed Voldemort’s nose. There’s a segment in the extra scenes where Voldemort’s nose is discussed extensively. Ralph Fiennes was very opposed to the flat nose and had to be convinced of the scary aesthetic value of that choice.

4.why does voldemort not have a nose

Voldemort having no nose is one of the most debated topics within the entire Harry Potter story. It has garnered so much attention, both comical and serious….

5.why does voldemort not have a nose

Tom Riddle was originally described as handsome. But Voldemort wasn’t going for looks when he created a new body for himself using a potion that contained snake venom from Nagini. The makeup artists decided that modifying his nose would best reflect the snake component of his new body.

6.why does voldemort not have a nose

9 years ago He doesn’t have a nose because when Lily’s love saved Harry, his old body was destroyed and he was forced to obtain a new one. When his new body was made, the directors probably wanted…

7.why does voldemort not have a nose

The most likely reason why Lord Voldemort’s nose disappeared and he devolved into such an evil-looking creature is that as he dabbled deeper into the Dark Arts, his appearance gradually became as distorted as what remained of his twisted soul.

8.why does voldemort not have a nose

Having a flattened nose is not the same as having no nose at all…). The reason for Voldemort’s physical deformity is that he has spent much of the last decade experimenting with Dark Magic.

9.why does voldemort not have a nose

Part of what makes Voldemort so memorable is his uniquely alien look. He’s tall, skeletal, pale as chalk, without any discernible body hair, and most crucially, without a nose. In its place are two…

10.why does voldemort not have a nose

Why does the appearance of Tom Riddle AKA Voldemort change so drastically over the years? He starts off at Hogwarts as a very normal looking young man, and s…

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1  Why Does Voldemort Have No Nose?
Voldemort having no nose is one of the most debated topics within the entire Harry Potter story. It has garnered so much attention, both comical and serious. Its also sparked many theoretical discussions amongst fans throughout the internet, but the question still remains..Why does Voldemort have no nose? Find out in todays theory from Harry …
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