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1.Why Dogs Should Sleep In Your Bed Washington Post

Sleeping together increases the amount of time you spend with your dog, potentially increasing these health benefits. Having a dog can actually help lower your blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels, and improve feelings of loneliness. Allowing your dog into your bedroom can provide a calm, soothing presence at night-time.

2.Why Dogs Should Sleep In Your Bed Washington Post

There are other reasons why dogs want to sleep with their owners. Another wolf instinct that persists in modern dogs is the need to protect its pack, especially the offspring of its alpha male and female (you). When a new member is introduced to the pack—like a newborn baby—your dog’s protective instincts kick in.

3.Why Dogs Should Sleep In Your Bed Washington Post

Sleep efficiency was worse if the dog was on the bed rather than elsewhere in the room: 80 vs. 83 percent. People also spent less time awake after initially falling asleep if their dog was not on …

4.Why Dogs Should Sleep In Your Bed Washington Post

People suffering from insomnia have reported that having a dog in their bed helps them fall sleep. The presence of slumbering dogs can chase away the stress accumulated through the day, and the rhythmic sound of their breathing works better than a lullaby.

5.Why Dogs Should Sleep In Your Bed Washington Post

Yes, your pup should sleep in her own bed. The fact that you are posing this question at all means that you and your husband are on vastly different planes regarding the dog, and — I assume …

6.Why Dogs Should Sleep In Your Bed Washington Post

Some people suggest that a dog afforded equal status and allowed to sleep on your bed will try to dominate you. This ” Alpha Pack ” mentality towards dog behavior has been widely discredited. Although your dog may not be trying to dominate you, they can become possessive towards items of high value to them, like a super comfortable bed.

7.Why Dogs Should Sleep In Your Bed Washington Post

As an alternative for letting your dog sleep on your bed, you may want to let him sleep at the foot of your bed. It’s normal for your dog to want to sleep in your bedroom because the room smells like you. Place your dog’s favorite blanket on a cushion or dog bed kept in warm area away from drafts.

8.Why Dogs Should Sleep In Your Bed Washington Post

Humans and dogs have been sleeping together in some cultures for centuries. Sleeping with your dog can ease anxiety and provide feelings of safety and security. However, dog and human sleep cycles…

9.Why Dogs Should Sleep In Your Bed Washington Post

But, the reality is, you may be risking your health by allowing your dog to sleep in the bed with you. Don’t feel alone if you do allow your pooch to snuggle up to you at night. The Mayo Clinic completed a survey of dog owners in 2015. This survey consisted of 150 people who were patients at their Center for Sleep Medicine.

10.Why Dogs Should Sleep In Your Bed Washington Post

If your dog is like most dogs, it either steps in, plays with or eats (yuck!) poop. And when your dog comes into your house, and your bed, it tracks the poop right along with it. Not only is this…

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