Why is Area 51 trending today?

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1.Why is Area 51 trending today?

Here’s why Area 51 is trending on the internet. Wanting to debunk the mysteries hidden behind the walls of Area 51, a Facebook event called “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us,” was created.

2.Why is Area 51 trending today?

It seems the MAGA mob reminded many people of that time in September 2019 when folks on the internet hyped the idea of storming Area 51, the once-secret military base in Nevada where, legend has it, the U.S. government keeps its secrets on extraterrestrial life.

3.Why is Area 51 trending today?

Area 51 expert says what will happen if social media mob storms top-secret site. As one million Facebook users prepare to ‘storm’ the top secret Area 51 Military Base in Nevada, Annie Jacobsen …

4.Why is Area 51 trending today?

Why has “Storm Area 51” become newsworthy? It’s because there are a whopping 413,000 who have registered as attending with 425,000 registered as “interested”; this figure continues to grow…

5.Why is Area 51 trending today?

Area 51 tops the list of the most mysterious places. No one knows what goes on inside of it. Many believe that this place in Nevada has information about research on aliens and alien testings take place.

6.Why is Area 51 trending today?

Here’s what we do know about Area 51: Today, the U.S. Air Force uses the 38,400-acre patch of desert as a training site. Sometimes called the Nevada Test and Training Range, the base is located …

7.Why is Area 51 trending today?

The 7 Most Hysterical ‘Baby Yoda Problems’ Memes Trending on Twitter Right Now Trump’s Banned Nickelback Twitter Meme Explained Animal shelter uses Area 51 meme in textbook display of chaotic good

8.Why is Area 51 trending today?

As hundreds of thousands pledge online to storm Area 51, author Annie Jacobsen explains the obsession with the site and alien conspiracy theories. #FoxNews F…

9.Why is Area 51 trending today?

Area 51 is a classified base and a detachment of Edwards Air Force Base. It is believed the base was used for experimental aircraft and other secret military projects. Due to the secretive nature of the projects, witnesses have claimed to see unidentified flying objects around it, and some even suspect they are alien spacecraft.

10.Why is Area 51 trending today?

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1.After seeing the Capitol riot, people joking about ‘storming’ Area 51 again

Another went to the well of local news coverage from Alienstock to ask, “Why didn’t ya’ll (sic) bring this ‘Storming the gates’ energy with you to Area 51!?” Why didn’t ya’ll bring this “Storming …

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RT (formerly Russia Today) is a state-controlled international television network funded by the federal tax budget of the Russian government. It operates…


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