why is google classroom so slow

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1.why is google classroom so slow

I am having trouble with Google Classroom. Lately it has been working extremely slow to the point where I can click and then walk away and come back 3-5 min later and click again. I am just waiting for it to load the whole time. It is becoming so cumbersome that I might just have to stop using it. I found this online but nothing else with a fix.

2.why is google classroom so slow

Google Classroom API – Very slow. Ask Question Asked 4 years, 8 months ago. … How can I get a list of published coursework from a class while authenticated as a student on google classroom API? … Are immutable objects important only in multi-threaded applications and if so, how are shared immutable objects useful?

3.why is google classroom so slow

Go read this Adobe designer’s take on why Google Classroom is so joyless. New, 28 comments ‘In Google Classroom, students are an afterthought’ … the product as a whole is slow, inelegant …

4.why is google classroom so slow

I have noticed that the document I have been working one for two years has become slow to respond when I write or cut or paste etc. This is only happening in the last few weeks. The document has over 15k words in it. It makes think can I trust google docs when it comes to handling a large amount of work in one document.

5.why is google classroom so slow

The app’s rating over the last year, according to AppBrain.. As was the case with Zoom, the App Store version of the Google Classroom appears to be unaffected, riding a 4.4-star rating in the US. …

6.why is google classroom so slow

One of the best ways to speed up your Google Drive upload is to determine why it’s slow in the first place. Whether you’re using a mobile device or a computer, running a speed test is going to give you an idea so you know if it’s the system or the internet connection.

7.why is google classroom so slow

Google Meet has become one of the standard solutions for videoconferencing, whether you’re joining a business meeting or connecting with friends and family. However, like all pieces of software …

8.why is google classroom so slow

Google is really annoyed you’re using Microsoft Edge. Ever since Microsoft’s new browser emerged, it’s made Google a little uncomfortable. So Google has created a new, slightly irritable message …

9.why is google classroom so slow

Finally, I did what every human being eventually does when confronted with a problem they’re not sure how to solve: I turned to Google. After a quick Google search, it turned out I wasn’t the only one having this issue. Apparently, it was fairly widespread, impacting users of both Chrome and Chromium (an open-source variant of Google Chrome).

10.why is google classroom so slow

Google declined to comment on why it failed to detect these malicious apps or the scale of damage. Google had promised to scrutinize extensions more closely after a previous breach in February saw …

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Google LLC is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products, which include online advertising…

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